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Hiring Testers

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We're hiring a few people to be our Testers.

If you are interested please email your application to [email protected].

If you have questions you may email. Do not use any other channels.

Application Form

Known IGNs:
Discord ID:
RO Experience(eg. how many years have you played RO):
RevivalRO Experience(eg. how many years have you played RevivalRO including Old RebirthRO):
Have you ever found a bug before in RevivalRO(if yes, add the link to your bug report):
Tell us more about yourself and anything else that may help with your application:
How many hours in a week or day can you allocate for testing?(include the schedule of your availability for testing):

Please keep in mind that submitting an application does not guarantee that you will be accepted as a Tester. We will begin selection in 3 days if there are enough applicants.



Being a Tester is a volunteer work. There are no benefits whatsoever except from being able to access the Test Server, where you can Test New Features even play around and test different builds, and other ways you want to try in order to find more bugs or confirm/verify bug reports.



A testers main responsibility is to Test New Features, Test and Verify/Confirm is a reported bug is indeed bugged.

It is also a must to have respect towards other testers and staff. As a tester you will also be kind of a part of the Staff, so we expect that you won't be messing around channels, breaking rules etc whether its on test server or main server or discord.

You're also expected not to disclose any new feature or discussion that is not made public yet.

You're also expected to follow instructions.


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