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[Scheduled Maintenance] May 27 2021 10AM Server time

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Please be informed that there will be a Maintenance on May 27 2021 10AM Server time, During this maintenance, we will be adding Summer Lotto and Hawker's Supplier Events, some new items, bug fixes.

We'll also be trying to put proxies back online.

Overall Maintenance may take from 3-5 hours depending if there will be any issue or if we need more time. 

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Server is now back online.

The following Changes are Added:

Activated Summer Lotto - Click here link for mechanics guide

Hawker's Supplier Added - This is a new mini game that will give you a chances of getting a Lotto Shop 6 Item. You may visit Leverie NPC (brasilis 309 72) for more info.


The following costumes are added to Summer Lotto Shop 6:




All old lotto balls has been deleted.


Hawker Will last till June 5. If you do it for 30 days you're guaranteed a Shop 6 item. you have 5 days you can use for resting. Do use it.

Summer Lotto will last for July 29.


Channel System

  • Added new Channel: #pk that can be used for any pk related invites such as doom. Sync with discord to follow.
  • It can be turned off with the settings npc.
  • You will also notice a not auto join channel #rd which will be synced to Discord's Rantdrama.


Bug Fixes: (checking links requires gitlab account logged in)


Security Update:

  • Added a bot checker


  • Is still down. We tried to put it back up but we're currently missing a step or too so its not working correctly and ran out of time. We'll try again next maintenance.

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