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Server is Back Online | Manual Fix Patch

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The server is back online. There were complications so we had to cancel gepard until the issues we found are resolved. We will have another maintenance as soon as the solutions are sent to us by the Gepard Developer.

If you were able to receive the Gepard Patches you will need to reverse it manually. (patcher won't allow some files in the reverse gepard patch to overwrite existing files).


This is the manual reverse patch. Since the patcher is also not allowing us to overwrite some dlls you can use this to fix the dll issues. Please share to all who will have the same problem.

You don't need this patch is your client is running fine. This is just for those who got the gepard patch earlier, since they need to revert their folders back to remove gepard and be able to connect.

if this won't solve your issue. Reinstall(using the same installer you used before and patch again) or use the Small Client installer and overwrite/install to your RRO folder.

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