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Manual Patch needed - Gepard Implementation

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Please be informed that we will restart the server later(07-15-2021) at 11PM Server time.

This will only take less than 5 minutes. Afterwards you will need to apply a manual patch in order to connect again.

Download Manual Patch Here

How to apply the patch:

1. Extract the Manual Patch Zip to your current RevivalRO Folder

2.  Press Yes to All(if asked to replace existing file).

Be sure to do all this while the client & the patcher is closed.

Apply the patch later after the restart.



Gepard has some sort of auto clean up, during your first time running the gepard client, it will detect some files are illegal and put it in a trash folder. Just restart the client after that .


For Andro users you may use the new apk at anytime.


This restart will enable Gepard, which we added in the previous maintenance but got cancelled due the patcher being unable to send few of gepard files due to those files being used(in running condition) by the patcher itself.

So right now we have no other choice but to have everyone download the patch manually so that we can fully implement gepard.

Please take note that you won't be able to connect to the server after the restart if you don't apply the manual patch.

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