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Today we are upgrading to new anti-cheat you must download the new app to be able to connect !

DOWNLOAD RevivalRO Android

v323 (2021-07-05)
- Fixed failing to read resources from GRF with name length > 123
- Fixed skill tree for 2020 packet versions using new skill tree packets
- Fixed all pcs displaying as females (since v317)
- Fixed crash when using ARGB frames in damage sprite (probably incomplete)
- Fixed self 0x2c1 (messagecolor) packet shouldn't display overhead message
- Fixed crash on changing cart to number 13 (mechanical drone)
- Fixed v319 specific error
- Fixed weapons/shields with custom display sprites and ITEMID over 32k not being displayed
- Script input window is now movable (allows to see script message window behind)
- Fixed crashes with some custom sprites
- Implemented animation for moving objects on map
- Support for displaying exp in chat
- Added more skill effects
- Stability improvements
- Implemented Wizard and Blacksmith skill effects
- Fixed certain skill effects collisions with obstacles

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