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Experiencing Lag/Autologout after Gepard? Please Read this

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We noticed that some are Experiencing Lag after Gepard Implementation. We reported it to Gepard Developer and he's asking for some network test results(!ping results not enough).

To comply with that, we need some of those experiencing this issue to do some test and send the result.

MTR Test

1. Download winmtr here https://sourceforge.net/projects/winmtr/files/latest/download

2.  Extract and run the WinMTR.exe

3. Put as Host

4. Press Start

5. Wait till one of the Sent rows reaches 1000+

6. Press copy Text to Clipboard  or Screenshot and send to [email protected] or DM 1337#2043 on discord together with the following information

  • Country:
  • ISP name:
  • Type of connection that you are using(Wifi or Lan Cable):



Resource Usage Test

1. Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc)

2. Go to Performance tab

3. Do the things you do during times where you experience the issue

4. Check if any of the cpu/ram/gpu/disk etc are going too high,

5. write down which one and at what % or take a screenshot.

6.  send to [email protected] or DM 1337#2043 on discord.


Thank you for your cooperation.

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Additionally you may try the following which is said to helped reduce the issue in some users. We cannot guarantee that it'll work for everyone(specially if you're not using v5 Full Installer) but it might be worth the try.


1. Backup & remove the file called "dinput.dll" from your rro folder. (This helped some users experiencing lag/delays).

2. Remove game_crash_log.txt. (This helped some users experiencing auto log out).

^ If these 2 above still didn't fix the lag/delay/autologout issue for you continue with next steps

3. Open dinput.ini file(or the only dinput file that will be in your folder by now after removing the dll one).

4. Look for AutoFreeCPU , If its set to 1 then Change it to AutoFreeCPU =0, Save. But if it is set to 0 already, try setting it to 1.

^ If those still didn't work continue 

5. Move your RRO folder to desktop and run it from there.

If any of these worked. Please let me know via emailing [email protected] or DM 1337#2043 on discord.

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