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Easter Event 2018

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Happy Easter, everyone!

This year for Easter, the Easter Bunny (or as he likes to be called, Bunny) has hidden eggs all over Midgard for everyone to find! He's so excited for Easter that he actually started hiding eggs early and-- oh... some of them might be rotting by now... :S

Event Duration: April 1, 2018 to April 21, 2018.

Anyway! If you manage to find and crack open a good egg, you'll get a wonderful goodie bag that Bunny has filled with an assortment of prizes! The Easter Goodie Bag will be filled with new prizes exclusively. Event items from previous Easter events have been added and adjusted in the EP Retro Redemption NPC in the Mall.


To start the event, visit Bunny in Geffen at 184 126. u4RYV1m.png

There, Bunny will give you an Easter Basket to hold your eggs! If you aren't wearing the basket, you will NOT be able to pick up (click) the eggs so make sure you have it with you before you go searching! When the event is over, Bunny will take back the basket and begin preparations for next year :P. As mentioned, the eggs will be available throughout Midgard and will look like this:


While most eggs will give you an Easter Goodie Bag, some of them might have gone bad by now! :( In that case, you will not get a goodie bag and will find yourself with a handful of eggshells.

But fret not! Bunny understands that he might have gotten overexcited and is willing to exchange some eggshells for 1 Easter Goodie Bag.


Bonus Mini-Event!:

It seems like Bunny's frienemy, Hopper Wiggleton, has also come to Loki for Easter! DOMOVOI.gif

While he's not a bad guy, he is a sort of hoarder... Every so often, he'll wander into a random town to count the eggs that Bunny's been hiding. While he won't attack anyone (unless provoked) it might be a good idea to teach him a lesson for hoarding all of Bunny's eggs! Impress him with your strength to make him realize that stealing hoarding the Easter Eggs is actually a bad thing.

Hop to it, everyone! Happy searching~

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Hello everyone~

Since the Easter Event is underway, I thought I would give you guys a heads-up on what new treats are inside your Easter Goodie Bags:

Bunny Balloon Hat - " A cute bunny hat for those breezy spring afternoons. "

  • Upper Headgear
  • Effects: All Stats increase by (Base Stat/10), Increase ATK/MATK by 10%, DEF +3, 2 slots
  • Bunny_Balloon_Hat.gif

Bunny Hoodie (Black/White) - " A cute and cozy hood used by Easter Bunny Mascots. Great for hosting Easter Events. "

  • Upper Headgear
  • Effects: Immunity to Stone Curse, 1 slot
  • Bunny_Hoodie_White.gif   Bunny_Hoodie_Black.gif

Gold Snapback Cap - " The Cooler Kid's Cap. "

  • Upper Headgear
  • Effects: +50% Damage to Neutral, Holy, and Poison monsters, +20% Damage when using Neutral, Holy, and Poison properties, Gain 10,000HP each time an enemy is killed with physical attacks
  • Gold_Snapback_Cap.gif

Fluttering Butterflies - " A group of fluttering butterflies. "

  • Mid Headgear
  • Effects: +10 All Stats, +10% Movespeed, 1 slot
  • Fluttering_Butterflies.gif

Fuzzy Bunny Scarf - " Perfect for those cold spring nights. "

  • Lower Headgear
  • Effects: +5% Resistance to All Elements, DEF +3
  • Fuzzy_Bunny_Scarf.gif

Honorary Bunny Mouth - " Now you can fit in with the rest of the bunnies! "

  • Lower Headgear
  • Effects: Immunity to Silence and Blind, +10% Water Resistance
  • Bunny_Mouth.png

Bunny Bonnet (2018) - " This bonnet has been stylized with bunny ears! How kawaii~! "

  • Upper Costume
  • Bunny_Bonnet.gif

Bunny Top Hat (Black) - " An energetic bunny hat perfect for magic shows. "

  • Upper Costume
  • Bunny_Top_Hat_Black.gif

Easter Egg Balloon - " Given directly by the Easter Bunny, to show his love and affection for the holiday. "

  • Lower Costume
  • Easter_Balloon.gif
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