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End of Summer Cash Shop

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Greetings Midgardians~
We bring to you, the End of Summer Limited Items of 2021! As well as the return of the famous premium pet eggs! Seth, Menblatt, and Sarah eggs!


Items Available for Sale:

Snow Fox (1500 PP)



A snowy white fox that when observed seems playful.
All status +15
If base LUK is 100 or more, Give immunity to Crystalization status And reduce resistance to Fire by 5%
Location: Lower Headgeat


Happy Cat (2000 PP)



A cat hanging around its owner's head.
The long tail covers the neck and looks warm.
All status +20
Increase max HP by 10%
Resistance to Player and Beast type enemy increase by 5%
Increase resistance to Fire, Earth, and Wind by 10%
Decrease resistance to Shadow, Holy, and Poison by 20%
Location: Upper



Costume: Ponytail Hair (1700 PP) [Recolored via Recolor Meowster - 8 Colors Available]


Description: A wig for costumes neatly tied to one side.


Costume: Cheshire Tail(Garment) (2000 PP)


Combine it with ChesireEars (Fall Carnival) to become a cat:



Please continue to support and help the community flourish
by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on
Enjoy and happy shopping!


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