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[2021-08-23] Maintenance

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Hello RevivalRO Players,
First maintenance after I took over the role, and I would like to present event, bug fixes and QoL improvements, and more to come soon.

Command Changes:

  • @die is replaced with @suicide
    • @suicide is not usable in PvP and GvG (Castles0
  • Added @ignoredropitem - Enabling this command will hide all dropped items.
  • Added @packetfilter - Command used to filter out effects/chats/skills/attacks and help to improve gameplay in intensive wars. Usage:
    @packetfilter <MainType><Flags>
    Main Types:
       C = ignore normal Chat, including Dancer's scream, Bard's frost joke, and pet's talk (pet start to talk when intimacy > 900)
       E = ignore emotion, including monster and pet emotion (but NOT pet performance)
       I = ignore Item use effect
       A = ignore normal Attack animation (based on receiving side), your own attack animation are always shown
       B = Buffing skill animations (based on receiving side), your own casting animation are always shown
       S = Status effect
       T = offensive single Target skill/spell animations (based on receiving side), your own casting animation are always shown
       G = Ground based skills (eg:storm gust), your own casting animation are always shown
       M = Music dance/songs from Bard/Dancer
       D = Direction. Recommend filter on Party/Guild type and not enemies. Highly Recommend for supportive type Class. In case you don't know, the server send direction packet every attack and every skill use, this isn't just filter Shift-click...
       S = Self
       P = Party
       G = Guild
       B = Battleground 
       C = Clan
       O = Other players, none of the above
       H = Homunculus/pets/elementals/mercenary and player's @summon
       M = Monsters
    To disable attack animation of other players and monsters:
     MainType: A
     Flag: OM
     Command: @packetfilter AOM
    To disable attack animation and item use effect of other players and monsthers:
     @packetfilter AOM COM

End of Summer Cashshop update:


  • Bloodied Dagger can now be equipped by Ninja Class (#468)
  • Eden Dailies: No longer asks for monsters that are not spawned naturally (#466)
  • Eden Daily Quest - Added Restriction, if user have 100 items in inventory, claiming of item will be restricted. (#478)
  • Notoriety Quest - Occult Incense[0] and Sacred Incense[0] is requested now instead of Occult Incense[1] and Sacred Incense[1] (#438).
  • Bot Checker - Improved efficiency and reduced false-positives.


  • Battle Report - Potion Pitcher is now considered under 'Heal' category. (#459)
  • Cedi Items are now vendable (#97)
  • Recolor Meowster - Accepts Long Ponytail for 120PP.
  • Refiner Lady Andy arrived @ payon 163,95.
    * Andy accepts Oridecon and Elunium for 100% success rate
    * Andy accepts only Enriched Oridecon and Enriched Elunium for success rates less than 100%
    * Blacksmith blessings are not accepted, use @refineryui for usage of blacksmith blessings


  • Glorious Ring Exchanger arrived @ mall 114,90 (#374)
    Mechanics same as Clip Exchanger.
    Fees: 100 Million Zeny and 200 BG Badges for each transfer.
    Once transfer is initiated, the transfer cannot be interrupted in-between.


  • Guild Package NPC arrived @ prontera 180 217




Please continue to support and help the community flourish
by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on
Enjoy and happy shopping!

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