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Upcoming MvP Arena Changes

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Thanks you Midgardians  for voting for MvP Room, by the results, few points are clear to us:
1) MvP Room is used as a Gold Room (which isn't what MvP Room means by dictionary)
2) Cards are additional benefits that are given in the so-called MvP Rooms
3) Majority goes there to earn zeny and earns ~30-35M zeny (as stated by those who opposed bounty, in gitlab), and 40M at max when using BGum (again, stated by those who opposed bounty, in gitlab)
4) Only selected few goes into room for fun

So, with these in mind, we will be changing MvP room.

Following are the changes:
1) No Bounty will be required, not even entrance fee
2) Each Type of room will be split into 3 categories (Free For All, Gold Room, Card Room)

Free For All:
* Nothing is dropped
* 1 room dedicated. (1*8 Arena = 8 Rooms)
* MVP will be spawned instantly after dead

Gold Room:
* Nothing is dropped
* 4 rooms dedicated (4*8 Arena=32 rooms)
* Each kill will contribute to point, point will be redeemed to zeny.
* Points to zeny conversion would be as per your feedback, i.e., we will follow the benchmark posted by player and not by the staff in the gitlab, i.e 30-40M Zeny per hour of intensive farming, as stated by you.
* Costume shop will be added in future, redeemable by points.
* MvP spawns with a delay (current mechanic)

Card Room:
* No drops
* 3 Rooms dedicated (3*8Arena=24 Rooms)
* Card drop guranteed with X number of kills (X depends on MvP difficulty and based on current drops)
* OCA points given for MvPs that drop OCA, redeemable at shop for OCAs (Costumes will be added in subsequent updates)
* MvP spawns with delay (current mechanism)

We, once again, thanks player for providing their input over how much zeny they earned and how Gold Room is disguised as MvP room, and we will label it the same to avoid confusions with new players.

~ Bubbles ~

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