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[2021-09-27] MvP Rooms, Zotar, World Without Balance and more

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Good morning!


We have couple of updates added as part of this maintenance.


  • All missing costumes are now implemented.
    • Effect-based items won't be part of this update.
    • Slots/Refine/Def will be 0 for Costumes.
    • Original restrictions will stay
  • MvP Arena is removed.
  • Free For All Room added:
    * Items/Cards are not dropped
    * EXP is not gained
    * 1 room dedicated for each arena. (1*8 Arena = 8 Rooms)
    * MVP will be spawned instantly after being dead.
  • Gold Room Added:
    * Items/Cards are not dropped
    * 4 rooms dedicated for each arena. (4*8 Arena=32 rooms)
    * Each kill will contribute to specific amount of points, point will be redeemed to zeny.
    * Costume shop will be added in future, redeemable by points.
    * MvP spawns with a delay (current mechanic)
    Points Conversion:
    100K = 150 Points
    1M   = 1,250 Points
    10M  = 11,250 Points
    100M = 100,000 Points
    1B   = 1,000,000 Points
  • Card Room Added:
    * Items/Cards are not dropped (Exception: Mother's Nightmare)
    * 3 Rooms dedicated for each arena (3*8 Arena=24 Rooms)
    * Card drop guranteed with 500 kills (Bubblegum gives 2 Card Points)
    * OCA points given for MvPs that drop OCA, redeemable at shop for OCAs (Costumes will be added in subsequent updates)
    * MvP spawns with delay (current mechanism)
    * Card Room will drop (Old) Cards, New Cards will be dropped by natural spawns only.
  • All MvPs got new monster IDs, and will get changes in MvP Cards in following weeks.
  • 10-seconds delay added for @go after receiving any hit or doing any actions [Applicable only on GvG Maps]
  • New Monster Added named "Holy Healer"(#3763) that drops Yggdrasilberry only.
    Spawn Locations:


  • TAGRAS is added outside castle, with 30% increase on its price on all items. You can find "Smuggler Thara" at gld2_prt 89 136 (Prontera HoA)
  • Improvements to fix stability issues.
  • Effects will be shown to cards upon dropped by monsters.
  • Alchemy Fame will decrease by 5% after this maint, and following that, 5% will be decreased on 1st of every month. This is to ensure the top rankers don't get idle, and is not captured by any one person
  • All LPP will expire on 1st of December 2021
  • Revival Pass And Guild Points Added
    You can now qualify for Revival Pass after paying 2B to "Revival Pass" NPC at prontera,124,196.
    Revival Pass will have Max Level of 26.
    Type @revivalpass for Revival Pass Info
    Type @gpoints for Information regarding Guild Points
    Level 1: 1x Touhou Lucky Box
    Level 2: 1x Touhou Lucky Box
    Level 3: 1x Touhou Lucky Box
    Level 4: 1x Touhou Lucky Box
    Level 5: 1x Costume: Ancient Resonance (ID:190492)
    Level 6: 1x Touhou Lucky Box
    Level 7: 1x Costume: Magic Heir (ID:190493)
    Level 8: 1x Touhou Lucky Box
    Level 9: 1x 100 Limited Premium Coin
    Level 10: 1x Costume: Aura of Darkness (ID:190494)
    Level 11: 1x Touhou Lucky Box
    Level 12: 1x Costume: Death Wing (ID:190495)
    Level 13: 1x 100 Limited Premium Coin
    Level 14: 1x Touhou Lucky Box
    Level 15: 1x Costume: Fluffy Plushie (ID:190498)
    Level 16: 1x Touhou Lucky Box
    Level 17: 1x 100 Limited Premium Coin
    Level 18: 1x Costume: Nightmare Chakra (ID:190504)
    Level 19: 1x Touhou Lucky Box
    Level 20: 1x Costume: Open Air Headset (ID:190503)
    Level 21: 1x Touhou Lucky Box
    Level 22: 1x Costume: Backside Ribbon Bell (ID:190506)
    Level 23: 1x 100 Limited Premium Coin
    Level 24: 1x Touhou Lucky Box
    Level 25: 1x 100 Limited Premium Coin
    Level 26: 1x Costume: Ulysses Wings (ID: 190491)
    Points Earning Table:
    BG: 7
    MVP Kills: 1 (MvP Arena/Branches won't count to RevivalPass)
    WoE: 100 (Captured/Defended castle) / 50 (No Castles) - Active for 1 Hour in WoE
    	Endless Tower:  90
        Nydhog: 55
        Bakonawa: 55
        Bangungot: 55
        Buwaya: 55
        World Without Balance(Nightmare): 50
        Sealed Shrine:  40
        World Without Balance(Normal): 50
        Wolfchev: 30
        Fluffy: 30
        Golden Hole: 20
        Kraken: 20
    10% of Instances/WoE Revival Pass Points are contributed to Guild Points.
    Guild Points are Guild and character-bound.
    Guild Points Rule:
    1) Points will be stored against characters till they are in guild.
    2) On Leaving Guild/Kicked from Guild, Guild Points of that Specific character will be nullified (become 0)
    Shops for Guild Points will be added later on.


  • Added World Without Balance (Permanent Instance)
    * If Humans doesn't play Deity's Game, Deity will cast Hell's Power. On Repeated offense, Deity will warp the human back to midgard.
    * Boss and Mini-Boss are now stronger than before
    * Boss and Mini-Boss can now cast Manhole and Critical Wound
    * There's a chance to get extra tokens
    * Instance cooldown expires midnight server time.


  • Items in Zotar will stay for 24 hours only and will be deleted from zotar after the expiration time.
  • Teleport disabled in Sealed Shrine Instance.
  • Jirant is not refineable, Players who had their jirant already refined can open a helpdesk to get the refines transferred to any other refinable item (Any request after 29th September 23:59 will not be entertained and those refines will be considered as lost)


If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/

Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.

~ Bubbles

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