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Server Restart [25/2/22]

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During our restart, we did the following Adjustments/Fixes.



  • Added a 1.5 second CD on Judex skill to lessen the lag.
  • Point value of Gold room has been increased.


  • Weapons compounded with Salacia Card are unstrippable.
  • Roseus Monstrum Card should work as intended.
  • Dragon Knight Eye Patch is now giving immunity to chaos/confusion.
  • Incantation Samurai Card's ignore def should be working as intended.


Extra Note

The adjustment for the gepard might take some time. For the meantime, we ask everyone's cooperation to record their gameplay whenever they experience lag using fraps.

Fraps a software players can use to record their gameplay with an fps counter.

Follow the instructions bellow:

  1.  Download the software from this site, https://fraps.com/download.php.
  2.  Run the software in the background.
  3.  Press F9 when you feel like its about to lag.
  4.  Send the recordings to [email protected] with Subject: "Fraps".


  • As long as the software is running in the background, it will also show you if your FPS drops in real time even when its not recording
  • The software captures about 10-20seconds clip per record.
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