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Server Restart [11/3/22]

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During the recent restart, we adjusted and added a few things.



  • Splash damage on monster capped at 10 targets at all time as a temporary solution to lessen the lag players experience.
  • Restoration of Alchemist Ranker Points. 

**Note: Decay System for Alchemist ranking is disabled until further notice.



New Loyal Reward NPC in Geffen 135 56.


Exe Wing Cap [2]

Year 4 RevivalRO Loyal Player Reward.

  • All stats +10.
  • If STR is > DEX, Atk Damage +10%.
  • If DEX is > INT, Range Damage +10%
  • If INT is > DEX, MAtk Damage +10%

If VIP Status(Platinum) is active:

  • Physical and magical damage to boss and non-boss monster +(Donor Level/2)%.
  • Increase Drop rate by a small chance.


Next Patch Advance announcements

GvG Adjustments and Addition:

  • WoE duration will be reduced to 1 hour per time slot and Players will giving a chance to vote which time slot will it be. (See the poll at the top of this post)
  • A new WoE mode. See details below.

Classic WoE:

  • It's a new mode of GvG where Eden, WoE Gear Sets and Premium Gears are disabled.
  • During this type of WoE, battle report will only show the players who participated in the WoE and how much time they spent inside a castle.
  • All participants who spent at least 30 minutes in WoE castle will receive the same amount of WoE coin (100 WoE coins).
  • This mode will be scheduled every Friday.
  • This mode will use WoE SE maps.


Your participation in the poll is voluntary and will be of great help to make WoE activity alive and fun.


Battlegrounds AFK Mechanism Adjustment.   

1st Offense            

  • Kicked from Battlegrounds            

2nd Offense            

  • Kicked from Battlegrounds            
  • Mute for 30 minutes            

3rd Offense            

  • Blocked from Battlegrounds for 2 hours   
  • Mute for 3 hours            

4th Offense            

  • Blocked from Battlegrounds for 2 and a half hours           
  • Mute for 3 hours         

5th and UP offense            

  • Blocked from Battlegrounds for 3 hours   
  • Mute for 3 hours         
  • Removal of 15 badges from AFK character.            



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