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MVP Room suggestions.

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Hello everyone, i have a suggestion regarding in MVP room/Gold and Card room.

  • I think it is more convenient if the points accumulated in MVP room is account based rather than character based. i.e. all characters in the same account may share points within each other. Because, for me, there are certain jobs that is suitable to farm specific rooms.
  • There must be a chance, even small, to gain 2 points (Card room) in killing the MVP.
  • An announcement must be made if someone has managed to collect 500 points for a certain card.
    • To broadcast to all that MVP room still exists and someone is still using it.
    • To encourage players to hunt MVP rooms if they saw someone has already achieved it.
    • MVP room is now a ghost town, can't barely see no one.

Thanks for having a time in reading this. Cheers!

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I agree, because farming in MVP room its really boring. And if you could change the char when you farm, it could be a relief.

Maybe, some little modifications can make more exciting for all players!
Now, its like an old carnival booth let aside, because isn't fun anymore.

Hugs and Cheers!

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