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Update of the RevivalRO android app ENJOY Version V353

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New version of the android app is here !!! 

Download now click here




v349 (2022-04-20)
- fixed cart inventory not visible on some servers
- fixed v348-specific bug with some walkable cells being non-walkable on vertical maps

v348 (2022-04-19)
- fixed Gepard server invalid password error for some servers
- fixed guild emblem horizontal position for chars near the corners of the screen

v347 (2022-04-18)
- fixed black map in geffenia, odin_tem02 etc

v346 (2022-04-09)
- support for overhead guild emblems in woe
- fixed overhead chat/vending board positions when zooming

v345 (2022-04-03)
- fixed rodex sending invalid charname on send mail
- new rodex read mail packet support
- can now read client quest db from lua (OngoingQuestInfoList.lub)
- cleanup on quest log window
- displaying quest cooldown on quest log window
- fixed crash for servers with packetver < 20110111 (not supporting robe view)

v344 (2022-04-01)
- Fixed application exit after startup
- Fixed startup crash for packetver < 20141016

- No changes

v342 (2022-03-29)
- Ignoring .bik textures instead of crashing
- Show annoying error on failing to parse metalprocessitemlist instead of crashing

v341 (2022-03-07)
- Fixed character getting stuck after cancelling npc shop

v340 (2022-03-03)
- Small server-specific changes

v339 (2022-02-13)
- Improved crash report window for small screen devices

v338 (2022-02-05)
- Implemented body style support
- Implemented Assassin effects
- Fixed a rare GRF read error

v337 (2022-01-26)
- Finished Hunter skill effects (Detect, Spring Trap, Remove Trap, trap explosions)



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