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Ja Luca

Death by Dice needs fine tuning

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DBD Event has been a staple for many years but now needs refining to fix some issues.

Firstly, upon finding a winner for a round, all players in the map are warped back to the start and awarded 1 pancake as participation reward. However, sometimes the runner up for the round is left outside and do not get the participation pancake.

While this is not too big an issue, the next issue is.

Some players had figured out how to manipulate the mechanics and basically win by using a dirty “chicken game” tactic.

This usually happens towards the very end of the round when there are only 2 players left.

The player that uses this dirty tactic will first wait in another square from the opponent. They will then wait until the Game NPC announces the countdown of 15-10-5sec.

Usually around the 5 sec announcement, the player will then rush towards the opponent’s square. This will usually spook the opponent to frantically try to change squares or risk having them both disqualified. In doing so, the opponent steps out of the square and is automatically disqualified for not being in a square.

The dynamic of this tactic can be explained here.


Using the dirty tactic

Receiving end of the dirty tactic





Possible Outcomes

Opposing player being inflicted upon does not move.

= Both players disqualified, no Event Points

Receiving player does not move.


=Both players disqualified, no Event Points

Opposing player is forced to change square but will always fail to do so as it is close to the last seconds and is disqualified.

= Win, gain 2 Event Points

Receiving player is forced to change square but will always fail to do so as it is close to the last seconds and is disqualified.


= Disqualified, no Event Points

Net Benefit

50% chance to win

0% chance to win


Despite the 50% chance to win, the receiving player is highly likely to move as they want to win as well.  (We pm Server “join” for a reason.)

In using this tactic, the receiving player is forced to abandon the square they chose first. But ultimately the number of the dice roll will not matter as the receiving player is automatically disqualified before the marine spheres are spawned. The player that uses this method literally takes the whole game into their hands and makes Opti’s favourite game Death by Dice to be an obsolete name.

For the player at the receiving end, there is no way to counter this tactic with a positive outcome. The less painful way is to just stay put and have them both disqualified and waste all the time.

Meanwhile, the user of this is REWARDED with a win of 2 Event Points for employing a dirty tactic and bypassing the whole point of Death by Dice.


My suggestion of a solution:

Enable a type of “priority” where players gain priority to the specific square the longer they are in it and loses all of it the moment they step out. This way, when the player using the dirty “chicken game” tactic will have less priority when sharing a square and will not win by unfair means.

This “priority” of course should still abide by other game rules if there are other players in other squares.

I am not a coder, so I do not know what mechanics could/should be employed to fix this.


Regardless, some fine tuning is needed urgently because the rest of players gain their Event Point by buying it for expensive prices, winning it fairly from other events or running around for an hour looking for Event Monsters. Meanwhile all these dirty players have to do is play a quick game of chicken, embody the mentality: “If I don’t win then no one can” and still win 2 Event Points each round in a dishonourable manner.

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