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Reputation System

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Hello Everyone!

Glad to introduce to you our newest server feature - the REPUTATION SYSTEM.


What is a Reputation System?

REPUTATION SYSTEM - a progression system which enables to track players across multiple server's platforms. It supports the prior experiences of a player's peers to determine the reputability of all other peers, allowing well-behaved players to safely gather and avoid interaction with antisocial peers. 

In multiplayer online games, players interact with each other using aliases which unfortunately enable antisocial behavior. Vague rules and limited policing mean that only the very worst offenders are ever disciplined.

Hence, this system is created to ensure everyone can feel comfortable. When players treat each other with respect, they can avoid conflicts and play together in harmony. A clear set of rules and expectations can help players figure out what behaviors are appropriate in game. This way, players can create better relationships with their co-players.


REPUTATION VALUE (RV) - This will be unlocked upon making the account itself. A player is given 100/100 RV to maintain. If the 100/100 RV is maintained everyday, a player will have a chance to claim 1 Reputation Point (RP).

How RV would work?

  1. A fix value of 100/100 should be maintained to be able to claim Reputation Point daily.
  2. When a certain player breaks any rule/gets punished, his RV will be deducted/reduced by a certain value depending on the gravity of his offense.
  3. If a player's RV was reduced, he/she should cover/regain the lost values by performing and showing good behavior everyday.
  4. The reduction value is IP base, which means that if one of your account break a certain rule, all your accounts including main account will carry the deduction. Example: A player has 4 accounts (1 main and 3 alts), if his alt broke a certain rule and was deducted 1 RV, all his 4 accounts will have 99/100 RV after the punishment.


REPUTATION POINTS (RP) - Point that a player may claim everyday along with the Daily Rewards if the player is active for at least 2 hours and with a good standing 100/100 Reputation Value.

To check Reputation Points - type @viewreputation

NOTE: There will be a Reputation Shop where players can claim items/gears using their Reputation Points. 

RV Restrictions:

  • 100/100 RV - the player can freely do what he/she wants as long as he/she has not broken any rules. 
  • 75/100 RV - the player will be barred from talking in any channels such as #main, #trade, #pk, etc. (in game and in discord)
  • 60/100 RV - the player is barred from talking in any channels and will not be able to do major instances which also includes Cedi System. Also, player will be confined from normal attacks.
  • 50/100 RV - the player's accounts will be restricted from joining BG/PVP/WOE and will also not allowed to talk in any channels and will not be able to do major instances including Cedi System.
  • 25/100 RV - the player's account/s will be suspended. Suspension will depend on how many times a player's account/s reached 25 RVs.


Below are the RULES and the corresponding PUNISHMENTS per offense.







RMT, Botting, Scamming, Hacking, Bug Abused and other major offenses are not included in the set of rules as they required deliberation from the staff/management.


If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/



RevivalRO Team

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