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Gotta Catch 'em All: Pet Evolutions!

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Greetings pet owners (and lovers!),

We are proud to introduce our brand new Pet Auto-Feed System! The system is very straight forward and will go through a brief introduction to show you how to use it:

  • The Auto-Feed system is specifically for pets, not homunculi. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SET UP THE AUTO-FEED SYSTEM FOR YOUR HOMUNCULUS. It does not work for them!
  • To enable the Auto-Feed system, you simply need to carry the appropriate pet food in your inventory, feed your pet to the desired 'Hunger' status, and press the Auto Feed button from the Pet drop down menu
  • Feeding will occur as long as you have the food with you - otherwise, the system will stop and your pet will begin to get hungry as usual

Essentially, you need to get your pet to the desired hunger level. For example, if you enable the Auto-Feed System when your pet is at "Normal" hunger, the system will keep your pet at that state until you turn it off or you run out of food.

In addition to the Pet Auto-Feed System, we are also announcing our first set of Pet Evolutions! For now, the Pet Evolutions are restricted to the classic pets but we will be adding more evolutions in future updates :D. Along with Pet Evolutions, we will also be introducing a new system, Pet Auto-Feed! Please refer to the information below to learn more about these new features.

Basic Information:

  • How do I evolve a pet?
    • You must have a Loyal version of the base pet that you want to evolve
    • You must have the required ingredients with you for the evolution to work
  • What's so special about the Evolved Pets?
    • They're super cool
    • Evolved Pets have new stats and bonuses that are unique from their original forms
    • Some Evolved Pets can evolve even further!
  • Will my Evolved Pet have more needs?
    • Aside from adjusting their diets, you can take care of your Evolved Pet the same way you would any other pet - with patience, love, and a lot of cleaning supplies ;)

Possible Evolutions

Below is a list of the classic pets, their respective evolutions, and the ingredients required to evolve them:

Once you've gathered the items (and obtained a Loyal classic pet)...

1. zNfab.png

Open the Pet Information Window (Alt + J) or right-clicking your pet and selecting "Check Pet Status"

2. zMBqG.png

Select the Evolution option

3. zMBtJ.png

And confirm your choice!

Easy peazy lemon squeezy :P. I hope you and your pets enjoy this new system!

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Pet Feed & Effects*

  • Mastering
    • Feed: Pet Food
    • Loyal Bonus: LUK +3, CRIT +3
  • Eggring
    • Feed: Pet Food
    • Loyal Bonus: HIT +9, ATK +9
  • Leaf Lunatic
    • Feed: Pet Food
    • Loyal Bonus: CRIT +5, ATK +5, Increased damage on Formless Monsters by 6%
  • Savage
    • Feed: Pet Food
    • Loyal Bonus: VIT +2, Max HP +200
  • Metaller
    • Feed: Pet Food
    • Loyal Bonus: HP Recovery +20%, Max HP +70, Increased damage on Plant monsters by 6%
  • Grand Peco
    • Feed: Pet Food
    • Loyal Bonus: Max HP +400
  • Choco
    • Feed: Pet Food
    • Loyal Bonus: CRIT +9, Ranged Damage +3%
  • High Orc
  • Am Mut
  • Little Isis:
  • Deleter
    • Feed: Pet Food
    • Loyal Bonus: ASPD +3%, AGI +3
  • Diabolic
    • Feed: Pet Food
    • Loyal Bonus: ATK +2%, MATK +2%, Max HP +2%, Max SP +2%, Chance to cast Fire Bolt Lvl 3 when using melee attack
  • Hyegun
    • Feed: Pet Food
    • Loyal Bonus: VIT +4, STUN Resist +4%, Chance to absorb 1% of damage as SP

*Some effects will be adjusted at a later date to reflect Loki's gameplay. 

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