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Order Up: Pancakes!

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Hello adventurers!

We are proud to announce the Pancakes System into Loki to replace the outdated Bacon System. The Pancakes System originated from our dearly departed ex-administrator, Alkaline but we have adjusted it to Loki's unique nature and added a few new components. :x Your Bacon-related items can be converted into the corresponding Pancakes items through the Pancake Exchanger in Prontera at (186, 213) or at Eden Group's Kitchen @go 39 (183,46)


tumblr_inline_mgqkloMTfH1qk1or3.gif  First up, what are Pancakes?  tumblr_inline_mgqkloMTfH1qk1or3.gif

The Pancakes system offers a variety of different uses for players. Once you've collected Pancakes you can exchange the points with Pancaline (where the Bacon Eater used to be) and try your luck at getting some rare items! The items available can be used to help you level up, farm, or for crafting some Pancake-exclusive balloons! If you get certain items (Baby/Novice/Third Job Packets or Rainbow Acid) Pancaline will also take them back and give you some more Pancakes for them.

Some Pancake-specific items that you may obtain through Pancaline include:

  • Pancaline's Special Stack (a stack of 100 Pancakes)
  • Caviar Pancake
  • Jam Pancake
  • Honey Pancake
  • Sour-Cream Pancake
  • Mushroom Pancake
  • Syrup
  • Pancake Card
  • Pancaring Egg Box

Other notable items available from Pancaline include:

  • Infinite Fly Wing
  • Infinite Magnifier
  • Mystical Card Album
  • VIP Subscription (30 days)
  • Event Point Coin
  • Bloody Card Album

And there are lots of items in-between to help players with leveling, farming, and refining.

tumblr_inline_mgqkkudaXY1qk1or3.gif  Where can I get Pancakes?  tumblr_inline_mgqkkudaXY1qk1or3.gif

You can obtain Pancakes through a few methods: Monster of the Day, Heroic Shop, GM events, Pancarings, or by farming with a Pancake Card!

Monster of the Day is a daily monster hunt available for any player to complete. When you finish MOTD, you will receive 3 Pancakes, 1-3 Heroic Points, and 20 CEDI points. You must accept the MOTD mission from the signboard in Prontera and Eden or by PMing NPC:Monster of the Day.

Pancakes are also available through the Heroic Shop along with some exclusive items. The shop is located in Prontera as well at 147, 175. The items in Heroic Shop include helpful gears, high-demand items, and the Breakfast Set for Pancaline's balloons. Additionally, the Heroic Shop is the only way you can purchase the Day and Night Rings which will double the prizes you get from completing MOTD*.

*Please note that you must be wearing the Day Ring or the Night Ring when you are completing MOTD in order for the effect work.

Pancarings are these cute little dudes jumping around (and replacing Wild Roses) in various towns: puddingring.gif

Pancarings have a chance to drop Pancakes, Pancaline's Special Stack, and Pancake cards!

tumblr_inline_mh1qlzB6aa1qk1or3.gif  Pancaline's Balloons  tumblr_inline_mh1qlzB6aa1qk1or3.gif

In addition to exchanging your Pancakes for various items, Pancaline also knows how to craft some Pancakes-exclusive balloon costumes if you bring some specific items to him. Below are the preliminary balloon costumes that you can craft with Pancaline and their corresponding ingredients:

Deviruchi Balloon

  • Ingredients:
    • 1 Breakfast Set
    • 5 X Jam Pancakes
    • 20 Syrups
    • 25 million zeny
  • Deviruchi_Balloon.gif

Lunatic Balloon

  • Ingredients:
    • 1 Breakfast Set
    • 5 X Caviar Pancakes
    • 20 Syrups
    • 25 million zeny
  • Lunatic_Balloon.gif

Marina Balloon

  • Ingredients:
    • 1 Breakfast Set
    • 5 X Mushroom Pancakes
    • 20 Syrups
    • 25 million zeny
  • Marina_Balloon.gif

Savage Babe Balloon

  • Ingredients:
    • 1 Breakfast Set
    • 5 X Honey Pancakes
    • 20 Syrups
    • 25 million zeny
  • Savage_Babe_Balloon.gif

Teddy Bear Balloon

  • Ingredients:
    • 1 Breakfast Set
    • 5 X Sour-Cream Pancakes
    • 20 Syrups
    • 25 million zeny
  • Teddy_Bear_Balloon.gif
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