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Summer Style Box - Be Cool for the summer!

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For a limited time you can have Summer Style Box for only 150 premium points.

The Summer Style Box gives you a random rental costume so you can be the coolest, and the most fashionate person around! ;) And if you're lucky enough you will get Permanent costume instead so you can be the coolest forever! ;) what you waiting for!

Don't forget to post your picture here wearing one of those!

List of possible items:

Costume: Fire Wings
Costume: Yummy Bread
Costume: Yellow Bird
Costume: Donut Balloon
Costume: Rainbow Lollipop (2015)
Costume: Kitty Tail (2015)
Costume: Kitty Ribbon Hat (2015)
Costume: Kitty Ears (2015)
Costume: Pikachu Ears
Costume: Pikachu Tail
Costume: Curupira Hat
Costume: Drooping Rhino
Costume: Drooping Gorilla
Costume: Standing Elephant Hat
Costume: Kojin's Flame
Costume: Frilly Hat
Costume: Sunflower RIng
Costume: White Flower Ribbon
Costume: Strongman Hair
Costume: Red Dragonfly Flappers
Costume: Fireflies
Costume: Fire Mastery
Costume: Day Ring
Costume: Ladybug Flappers
Costume: Diving Mask
Costume: Bee Wings
Costume: Rose Piece
Costume: Fruit Fashion Hat
Costume: Poring Ball Trophy
Costume: Red Feather Beret
Costume: Yatta
Costume: Red Beret
Costume: Icecream Headgear
Costume: Bra Hat
Costume: Fire Lord
Costume: Fire Lord Helm
Costume: Wild Poring Rider
Costume: Laser Of Eagle
Costume: Tone Of Gold
Costume: Sun God Hat
Costume: Atiati Hat
Costume: Leo Crown
Costume: Leo Diadem
Costume: Virgo Crown
Costume: Virgo Diadem
Costume: Basketball
Costume: Hat Of Flame
Costume: Bombring Rucksack
Costume: Treasure Basket
Costume: Mayas Valor
Costume: Fireflies
Costume: Proper Man 's Pipe
Costume: Winged Shades
Costume: Seraphic Symbol
Costume: Rasta Cap
Costume: Poring Band
Costume: Cute Red Ribbons
Costume: Star Power
Costume: Red-Heart Balloon
Costume: Space Helmet (Gold)
Costume: Sakura Wings (2015)
Costume: Rainbow Lollipop (2015)
Costume: Fireworks (2015)
Costume: Coppola (Red)
Costume: Hip Ribbon (Red)
Costume: Quiz Hat (Red)
Costume: Falling White Rose Petals
Costume: Pink Spell Bound
Costume: Decoration Of Music
Costume: Lazy Squirrel
Costume: Mario Hat
Costume: rubinvalkyriehat
Costume: pink pochi hat
Costume: rose
Costume: Golden Wing
Costume: Red Fairy Wing
Costume: Apple Headgear
Costume: Icecream Headgear

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