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[1/3] Summer Event - Summer Lottery

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Summer 2018 has finally arrived!

Eden group has sent Angie and Marcus to Brasilis (/navi brasilis 265/101 - there will also be a yellow cross on your minimap to show you where it is) to host one out of the three Summer Events RevivalRO will be having.

To join, talk to Marcus and listen to his explanation. If you are not a VIP, you will need to pay a one-off fee of 500,000 Zeny to take part (only needs to be paid once!); if you are VIP, entry will be free! After that you just need to kill mobs to obtain Lottery Balls.

Lottery Balls will have numbers etched onto them from 1 to 25. You will need at least a full set of six Balls before you can turn them into Angie, who will note your numbers and confirm your entry for that day's draw. You can apply a second entry with 75 pp, but keep in mind that whichever entry gets the highest match will be used.

Draws will take place at midnight each day - server time. You must turn in your six Balls before 23:30 - server time - and Balls will also stop dropping between 23:30 and 00:00 server times. The draw will happen live with Marcus at Brasilis at midnight - shortly after which the results will be broadcast to the whole server. After the draw has taken place, you can check with Angie to see if your numbers matched with those that were drawn. You do not need to check straight after the draw; Angie will remember your numbers for each day you've entered the draw until you check with her. 

If you do win, you will get one point in each category below and including the amount of numbers you matched. For example, if I matched three numbers, then I will get one point to spend in each the 1 Number shop, the 2 Numbers shop and the 3 Numbers shop. Fear not though, each entry into the draw will also get a Summer Goodie Bag from Angie as soon as they turn in their six Balls.

  • The last lottery draw will be June 11th.
  • NPCs will be kept there until July 1st for players to redeem rewards!
  • Please bear in mind, it is one account = one entry; however, you can hunt the Lottery Balls on any of your characters on your account, so long as you have signed up first.

Reward Shops:


Shop 1 Shop 2 Shop 3 Shop 4 Shop 5 Shop 6
Battle Manual X3 Autotrade Coupon Cart Decorate Set 100 Limited Point Coin Bloody Card Album Day Ring Costume
Bloody Dead Branch F Battle Manual Box Cursed Old Box Amazing Rod Bowmaster 5 Donut Balloon Costume
Bubble Gum Bubble Gum Box Gender Change Cursed Old Chest Fire Flutterby Egg Decoration Of Music Costume
Character Swapper Scroll Cooler Summer Outfit Imp Egg Event Point Coin Elemental M 5 Fire Lord Costume
Enriched Elunium Box Convex Mirror Box Magic Card Album ExchangeCoupon Elemental P 5 Hat Of Flame Costume
Enriched Oridecon Box Reef Foxtail Wand Max Weight Up Scroll Immuned Shield Jack Of Trades 5 Laser Of Eagle Costume
Fire Imps Spirit New5.png RDCTags Mobster Egg Jack Of Trades 4 Magician 5 Proper Man's Pipe Costume
Instant Baby SotA Armour Box Siege Tele Scroll Box Magician 4 Mana Fountain 5 Tone Of Gold Costume
Instant Novice SotA Weapon Box   Mana Fountain 4 Piercing P 3 Strongman Hair Costume
  Summer Style Box   Piercing P 2 Piercing M 3  
      Piercing M 2 Priestly 3  
      Salamander Egg Samurai Spirit 4  
      Speedster 4 Spellcaster 5  
      Visceral 4 SRT Box  
        Summer Towel  
        Visceral 5  

Kind regards,

RevivalRO Management

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