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[Maintenance Notes][Major] 2018-05-11 Dali Update

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A Mysterious Portal has opened up behind a wall in Eden! It seems to be emitting very powerful energy that is even warping space and time itself. Members of the Eden Group are gathering around to investigate this strange event, some have even jumped into it. None know what caused it or what lies further beyond, but some say it serves as a link to other worlds. Cross the dimensions to meet Sara, explore Ghost Palace, challenge Jitterbug, battle the Faceworm Queen and investigate DiLab's technology.


Dali - Dimensional Gap

  • Dali is now open. You can access it at the lobby floor of Eden Group(@go eden/@go 39), between the portal going to the Eden Mall and the desk at Eden.
  • Dali Shards, a Dali currency, can be obtained after the completion of the instances of Dali, aside from DiLab's instance.
  • The use of Dali Shards will have updates in the future.
  • Dali is brought to you by Owl, Tiefling and Laevateinn.

Sara's Memory 4_F_SARAH_BABY.gif

  • Sara's Memory has been adjusted to reflect Loki's gameplay. Start this quest at dali(133, 116).
  • This quest is repeatable every 23 hours and you need to be at least Level 200.
    • The cool down can be reset once per 23 hours with a Reset Stone.
  • Once you enter the instance, talk to Sara to initiate the quest.
    • The story will unfold throughout the dungeon as Sara tries to run away.
    • There's 5 different areas and need to be cleared up before going to the next stage of the quest.
    • You should be able to see which direction to go to by looking at the mini-map.
  • There's monsters in this quest that drops Lvl 3 to Lvl 6 Food.(Lvl 10 Food can drop from Irene)

Ghost Palace 4_M_SAKRAYROYAL.gif

  • Ghost's Palace has been adjusted to reflect Loki's gameplay. Start this quest at dali(43, 129).
  • This quest is repeatable every 23 hours and you need to be at least Level 230.
    • The cool down can be reset once per 23 hours with 2 Reset Stones.
  • There's 5 stages in this dungeon. You need to clean up each stage as you follow the story.
  • In this instance you can obtain "Gray Shards", which can be used to purchase Gray Equipment and Thanatos Weapons with the Gray Gear Exchange NPC at dali(48, 133).
  • Gray Gear Exchange NPC offers the following:
    • Thanatos Spear[2]
    • Thanatos Long Spear[2]
    • Thanatos Knuckles[2]
    • Thanatos Violin[2]
    • Thanatos Whip[2]
    • Thanatos Two-Handed Staff[2]
    • Thanatos Dagger[2]
    • Thanatos Sword[2]
    • Thanatos Hammer[2]
    • Thanatos Great Sword[2]
    • Thanatos Katar[2]
    • Thanatos Axe[2]
    • Thanatos Revolver[2]
    • Thanatos Book[2]
    • Thanatos Jitte[2]
    • Gray Shield[1]
    • Gray Armor[1]
    • Gray Robe[1]
    • Gray Helmet[1]
    • Gray Cloak[1]

Nightmarish Jitterbug JITTERBUG1.gif

  • Nightmarish Jitterbug has been adjusted to reflect Loki's gameplay. Start this quest at dali(98, 146).
  • This quest is repeatable and can be done every 23 hours and you need to be at least 255.
    • The cool down can be reset once per 23 hours with Reset Stones.
  • You are required to make a party containing 1 to 6 members.
  • Clear each room as you follow NewOz's group around the dungeon to find Shalosh!
    • At Room 8, 13, 16, 19 and 20 you will be given an option to fight an extra Jitterbug at the next room.
    • You can skip the dialogue by selecting "Hurry" after the first time your group has run this instance.
  • Obtain exclusive equipment from Nightmarish Jitterbug:
    • Pendant of Harmony[1]
    • Pendant of Chaos[1]
    • Pendant of Maelstrom[1]
    • Frozen Breastplate[1]
    • Granite Breastplate[1]
    • Double Bass[4]
    • Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon[4]
    • Bloody Floral Decoration Bracelet[1]
    • Bloody Floral Decoration Microphone[2]
    • Oz's New Wing Ring[1]
    • Oz's New Ukulele[2]
    • Giant Bow[2]
    • Bow of Storms[1]

Faceworm Expedition FACEWORM.gif

  • Faceworm Expedition has been adjusted to reflect Loki's gameplay. Start this quest at dali(81, 59).
  • This quest can be repeated every 23 hours.
    • The cool down can be reset once per 23 hours with Reset Stones.
  • You are required to make a party containing 1 to 6 members.
  • There are 5 stages in this quest. The rewards for clearing each stage depends on how fast your party can clear it.
    • In the first 4 stages, you have to kill all the Faceworm as fast as possible. A counter will appear for the whole map to see how many Faceworms are left in the stage your party is at.
    • After defeating all the faceworms in a stage, a Dark Faceworm will appear and it must be defeated to advance to the next stage.
    • Defeating the Dark Faceworm or the Faceworm Queen will tell you how much it took your party to clear that stage and show a Treasure Chest that will appear near where the Dark Faceworm spawned.
    • The loot in the Treasure Chest will depend on the time your party cleared the stage.
      • Gigant Snake Skin[0]
        • Comes with random enchantment that increase stats.
        • Cannot be refined. Comes with a random refinement.
      • Gigant Snake Skin[1]
        • Comes with random enchantment that increase stats.
        • Cannot be refined. Comes with a random refinement.
    • Stage 5, or last stage, is the boss fight with the Faceworm Queen.
      • The Faceworm Queen will change elements every now and then.
      • Faceworm Queen can change to the following elements:
        • Poison
        • Water
        • Wind
        • Earth
        • Fire(Only outside of her nest)
      • Faceworm Queen(Fire) is the strongest type of Faceworm Queen. To make sure you don't have the Faceworm Queen change to Fire, keep her inside her nest!
  • Obtain exclusive equipment from Faceworm monsters:
    • Faceworm's Leg[1]
    • Faceworm Queen's Leg[2]

DiLab MVP Summon 4_F_BERRYTEA.gif

  • Start this quest at dali(46, 95)
  • You can enter this quest at the charge of 15 Dali Shards and 20 Million Zeny (Only the leader pays this fee)
  • You can either form a party with only yourself or a party with a huge amount of party members to help you with what this place has to offer.
  • Uncommon and rare MvPs can appear in this instance, all depending on what the leader's has access to in game. That includes but not exclusive to custom MVPs.


Fixes/Other additions

  • Town NPCs have been added or adjusted to a few towns be more convenient and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The amount of monsters in Gramps' maps has been increased.
  • Henry Morgan Card now has a prefix.
  • Naght Sieger Card now drops from Naght Sieger.
  • Entweihen Crothen Card is re-adjusted for Loki.
    • 20% more damage to Holy and Shadow Elements.
    • 20% more damage to Angels and Demons.
  • Queen Scaraba Card now has an effect for Loki.
    • When attacking, chance to auto-cast Lv. 2 Heaven's Drive.
    • Heaven's Drive has a chance to slow movement speed.
    • Chance to slow movement speed when Physically attacking.
  • Nightmare Card now has an added effect to Loki.
    • If Base Int is greater or equal to 90, grants immunity to Deep Sleep.
  • Reset Stones have been added to the Cash Shop.
    • 75 Premium Points(3/4 of a Credit) for a Box of 4 Reset Stones. 
    • Reset Stones can be used to reset cool downs for the following:
      • Sara's Memory
      • Ghost Palace
      • Nightmarish Jitterbug
      • Faceworm Expedition
      • Gramps' Leveling Quests
    • Obtain 3 Day VIP through Gramps for 10 Reset Stones
  • Reset Stones have been added to the Heroic Shop.
    • 15 Monster of the Day Points for 1
    • 50 Monster of the Day Points for a Box of 4
  • Frozen Breastplate and Hardened Breastplate (from Jitterbug) has added into the List of Enchanters located at Prontera(163, 63).
  • Icecrown Exchanger now gives the right Regeneration Potion.
  • Added the missing Butterfly Blessing to the Event Point Shops located north of Eden Mall(@go 16).
  • Costume: Bunny Backpack(2015) is now a mid costume.
  • Costume: Legionnaire Helmet is now ONLY an upper costume.
  • Added Costume versions of the following:
    • Cyber Kitty Ears
    • Heroic Exiled Wings
    • Crimson Lightning Blade
    • Teddy Bear Hat
    • SteamPUNK
    • Crumbling Cookie
    • Deviruchi Balloon 2.0
  • Lord Kaho's Horn Slot Quest is working now.
  • Fixed some reported issues about Pet Evolution.
  • Pet eggs have really been fixed! If you lost an egg, please check your in-game mail inbox for the egg.
  • The rate of cards and gears that have a chance to drop an item should be working properly now.
  • Guild dungeons should not be memo-able anymore.
  • Because of character server being down we will also be having the following:
    • Double EXP for 7 days.
    • Double Drop Rates for 24 Hours.

Summer Event- 2018!

  • Check our one out of three Summer Events by clicking here.
  • More Summer Events will come later in the Summer. Look forward to them!
  • Summer Style Box has been added in the Cash Shop for the summer!
    • This box costs 150pp(1.5 Credits)
    • The box gives a 30-day rental item, with a chance of being permanent.
    • You will receive one of these items from the box:
Costume: Fire Wings
Costume: Yummy Bread
Costume: Yellow Bird
Costume: Donut Balloon
Costume: Rainbow Lollipop (2015)
Costume: Kitty Tail (2015)
Costume: Kitty Ribbon Hat (2015)
Costume: Kitty Ears (2015)
Costume: Pikachu Ears
Costume: Pikachu Tail
Costume: Curupira Hat
Costume: Drooping Rhino
Costume: Drooping Gorilla
Costume: Standing Elephant Hat
Costume: Kojin's Flame
Costume: Frilly Hat
Costume: Sunflower RIng
Costume: White Flower Ribbon
Costume: Strongman Hair
Costume: Red Dragonfly Flappers
Costume: Fireflies
Costume: Fire Mastery
Costume: Day Ring
Costume: Ladybug Flappers
Costume: Diving Mask
Costume: Bee Wings
Costume: Rose Piece
Costume: Fruit Fashion Hat
Costume: Poring Ball Trophy
Costume: Red Feather Beret
Costume: Yatta
Costume: Red Beret
Costume: Icecream Headgear
Costume: Bra Hat
Costume: Fire Lord
Costume: Fire Lord Helm
Costume: Wild Poring Rider
Costume: Laser Of Eagle
Costume: Tone Of Gold
Costume: Sun God Hat
Costume: Atiati Hat
Costume: Leo Crown
Costume: Leo Diadem
Costume: Virgo Crown
Costume: Virgo Diadem
Costume: Basketball
Costume: Hat Of Flame
Costume: Bombring Rucksack
Costume: Treasure Basket
Costume: Mayas Valor
Costume: Fireflies
Costume: Proper Man 's Pipe
Costume: Winged Shades
Costume: Seraphic Symbol
Costume: Rasta Cap
Costume: Poring Band
Costume: Cute Red Ribbons
Costume: Star Power
Costume: Red-Heart Balloon
Costume: Space Helmet (Gold)
Costume: Sakura Wings (2015)
Costume: Rainbow Lollipop (2015)
Costume: Fireworks (2015)
Costume: Coppola (Red)
Costume: Hip Ribbon (Red)
Costume: Quiz Hat (Red)
Costume: Falling White Rose Petals
Costume: Pink Spell Bound
Costume: Decoration Of Music
Costume: Lazy Squirrel
Costume: Mario Hat
Costume: rubinvalkyriehat
Costume: pink pochi hat
Costume: rose
Costume: Golden Wing
Costume: Red Fairy Wing
Costume: Apple Headgear
Costume: Icecream Headgear


Kind regards,

RevivalRO Management

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