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Do something with the unused Items Returning Players received

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I came back to play due to the word that we would get some free stuff for returning.  When I started up, I had two Premium Megs, two different Music rings, an Arta Pin and Black fairy wings.   The wings really helped me, the but the Arta pin was rendered near useless fast as I made the Drooping hat myself.  The Premium Megs were never used and for me as a Gunslinger, were useless.  This seems like a lot of gear that could be traded in for other useful things.  Its wonderful to have that stuff, but really...they were totally useless to me.  I didn't need two Music Note rings and two megs, nor the Arta pin.  Thank Odin for the Black Fairy Wing+30 stat though, that was great.

Was wondering if we could get something to trade those things in for something else that will, you know...be of some use.  It doesn't even need to be something of equal value.  I just don't want these things.  I was a bit upset when I found out that not only did I get two music note headgears, but I also got a costume box that was a music note too...so...naturally...I'd like something else but specifically made for the returning player rewards.  

Dont even care what it is, so long as it is useful.  Could be costumes, or items of a lesser value than whatever these headgears are, the megs especially are useless to me since they are premiums and none of the rewards for returning are vendable or tradable.  I feel locked in and unhappy with what I got to come back.  Sorry for the complaint, just venting how I feel about the lotto of what I got for returning being of little to no value to me outside of the stat wings...which again...arent tradable.  

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