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[Hot Patch] 2018-05-15

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Hello players! In this maintenance we have done the following:


  • Jitterbug's mapflags are now corrected. The monsters in there control the ground! Players no longer can cast ground skills(The instance originally had ground skills disabled for players).
  • Gramps now correctly have their mobs amount increased.
  • DiLabs now gives 3 Dali Shards to the Party Leader if it is finished.
  • Boots of Gray are now in the Gray Equipment Shop to be able to get the full set.
  • Description fix with Thanatos Katar. It doesn't provide 15% Demi-Human Resistance.
  • Clarification with Dead Tree CaneStaff. It doesn't give +255 Int...It gives +1 Int per refine level.
  • Removed Rental Status with the Lotto Balls.
  • Pet food dropping at 100% has been fixed.
  • Lotto Balls are now sell-able to NPCs and Stacks.
  • Guildless players can no longer enter Hall of Abyss.


  • Summer Sale is up! Please click here for more details.
  • Alternative 3rd Job Sprites should now have more hues to display.


Best Regards,

RevivalRO Management,

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