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Celestial Snow

More Community Events

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This is my personal opinion but it doesn't seem like there is as much of a community on the server as there used to be.

One issue is probably there's not enough events going on for, the lets call them town sitters, things like GM events give us the option to something other than farm and lets us socialize.

Which is fun and when people are having fun they come back, when they aren't they don't.

People like to show off their stuff and make new friends so....

I suggest having some sort of set schedule for events to help bring the community together.

and more open discussions with GMs to gather peoples opinions which could simply be "Hey everyone were gathering here at @go (insert number here) to discuss everyone's opinion on (insert aspect of server here) please come join the discussion to help us improve the server!" but you know have set times so everyone has a chance to join in.



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