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Carnival Event 2022

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Hello Midgardians!


For this year's Carnival Event, we will do a re-run from Carnival Event 2021.

Worry not! We already prepared something new for all of you. So, what are you waiting for? Let's play and win those prizes!


Carnival Event 2021


New On Carnival 2022


Guardian Helm [2]

  • Max HP +10%
  • Max SP +5%
  • Increase damage to all race by 25%
  • Increase damage with all elements by 5%
  • Increase critical damage by 5%
  • When used with Large Red Wing : 
    • Crit Rate +10;
    • Inflicts 5% more damage with critical attacks
  • When used with Large Blue Wing:  
    • INT +5 
    • MATK +5%
  • When used with Large White Wing: 
    • PD +5
    • Additional reduce damage taken by 5%



Costume: Falling Maple Leafs



Fiering Egg

  • AGI +5
  • ATK +50
  • Fire elemental attacks increase by 5%
  • Fire resistance +5%



Chipmunk Egg

  • LUK +5
  • PD +5
  • Small chance to cast Lv.7 Increase Agility when get hit.


New Items Available on Ticket Master NPC



Carnival Event 2022 will end on October 30th, 2022 at 11:59PM Server Time


Good Luck Have Fun!!!


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