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[Hot Patch] Europe, Canada & California Proxy

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Greetings Everyone,

We're really glad to announce that during today hot patch we deployed Europe & Canada proxy, the both proxies runs under same data center and connects through it's own routes, which is usually shorter than normal users connection routes, therefore you shall feel a significant change in how smoother the game play will be.

To connect to the nearest proxy to you please chose one from the service provider list, that shows before entering user information (Pictured below), for East/Mid Asia players it's still preferred to just connect to our usual servers in Singapore, West Asia and Russia may get better experience using Europe proxy.

We're also looking to hear of your feedback, for feedback please use this topic: https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/452-europe-canada-proxy-feedback/



  • Kitty Rucksack's effect is fixed.
  • Pancaring Pet properly now gives Pancakes.
  • A few custom pets no longer start at 0 intimacy and now gets hungry faster.


  • Our nodelay protection system is now designed to give punishment, you gotta enjoy it, believe us.
  • WPE/RPE shall be non usable anymore, if you have not updated your andRO client you won't be able to connect anymore!

Best Regards,

RevivalRO Management

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My game rn is sooo delayed with the other servers and the California Proxy server is not working at all. I am just wondering if that will be fix. When I try to log in with the California Proxy server, it can't connect with the server.

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Try log in without proxy, I think California doesn't work. The server itselfs located in Singapore.

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