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June seasonal items

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Greetings everyone,

The summer has started, most people has finally finished their final exams or almost going to. therefore we would like to greet you with a new set of items for the summer, those items will be available until 1st of July.

Drake Coats [4] Middle headgear

Comes in 3 fancy colors, it's for people who likes to be always on fashion.

The Drake coat gives you a chance to cast water ball level 2 when attacking, a water ceiling is not a must.

All stats +20

Price: 2000 Premium Points


Rouge Cap [4] Middle headgear

You need to get dressed to kill, you can't be a professional killer unless you're well dressed, Rouge cap would be your best choice then.

When a bow is used damage +10%

Hit +30

All stats +20

Long rate defense -5%

Price: 2000 Premium Points


The Blue Ancient Sisters Spirit [4] Upper headgear

Summer is full of sins, as priest you need to work harder to stay on right track, and for that the blue sisters will be there to guard you.
Adds 10% more damage to Holy Element skills
Adds 3 level to meditatio skill
Int +20
Dex +15

Price: 2000 Premium Points



Guardian ninja [1] (Lower Headgear)

During hot summer days, you would always need to chill and sleep by the beach, and obviously no one want his things to be stolen during that.

The guardian ninja will ensure you safety during your whole journey!

Reduces 10% of shadow element damage
Has a chance to cast level 1 mirror image when being hit
All stats +18

Price: 3000 Premium Points


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