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Donor Boxes update & Enjoy Donor boxes for only 20 euros

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Greetings Everyone,

We would like to announce the following changes to donor boxes.

Aside from those changes, Enjoy until 10th of June 11:59PM UTC+8 a box for each donated 20 euros instead of 50 euros! that 60% discount!

  • Now donor boxes counts towards all of your donations, instead of donation made in 1 hour time frame, that means, if you donate now 30 euros, and tomorrow 20 euros, you will receive a donor box! before you had to donate a whole 50 euros during the same hour!
  • Donor Boxes will be delivered through Zotar NPC, and donor box NPC will be removed
  • Amberknight top prizes are included now in donor box, and will always be included with each update
  • We adjusted the rates of some headgears, it shall be more reasonable now.
  • And there's no a progress bar at account page to show how much euros left until your next box!


Newly added items:

  • Cyber Kitty Ears
  • Crimson Lightning Blade
  • Cyber Kitty Ears
  • Heroic Exiled Wings
  • Excalibur Mana Axe
  • Godly Clouds
  • Heroic Exiled Wings

Best Regards,

RevivalRO Management

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