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Cash Shop : the deal has failed

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I got some PP that were converted into Limited PP when I gave my donation helmet back to the NPC in Prontera. Now everytime I try to buy something new at the ingame Cash Shop I receive the message that the deal has failed. Does this happen to anyone else here ?

I'd like to know if it's possible to convert these Limited PP back to PP, as I didn't have any kind of problem like this before. Thanks !

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Hi Asteria ! Thanks for your help, and actually that's exactly what I've done before getting the bug ! if you don't do so it says simply that I don't have enough Credit instead of "the deal has failed".

But I don't have any LPP anymore as I lost all of them with the Spam Option while talking to the Hat Roulette (yes, it's stupid and that sucks).

Hope they'll get this fixed for next time, but no worries for now ! Thanks you all and let's play :)

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