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[Maintenance Notes][Major] 2018-06-15 New Novice Ground and Summer Carnival

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Greetings Everyone!

During today's maintenance we've done the following!


New Novice Grounds!

One of the biggest problems for new players joining our server was not just the catch up with older players, but also to know how heavily customized our server is. The New Novice Grounds experience gives new players a taste of Gramps, Cedi, RDC, and Itty Bitty Poring Island along with some new start up freebies.

The New Novice start up Freebies are:

  • Madness Set Box (Rental for 1 month)
  • Novice Angra (Rental for 1 month)
  • Novice Golden Valkyrie Hat & Novice Yellow Oracle Wings or Novice Pink Valkyrie Hat and Novice Pink Oracle Wings

The changes to current novice items includes:

  • Novice Angra now gives 2000 Magic attack along with it's ATK bonus
  • Novice Guard is now equable by first jobs & expanded jobs, and is limited to under base level 99. It also gives Hit, Perfect Dodge, Flee & Race reduction to help players level up faster in the first 99 levels before they can turn to Gramps.

Pink Set:


Golden Set:


Players 1 month Madness & Novice Items set



Cash Shop Updates

  • The Guardian Ninja has been buffed and now has a higher chance to cast Mirror Image. Mirror Image has also been buffed to Level 3 instead of Level 1

Proxy Updates

  • Canada Proxy has been removed
  • Australia Proxy has been added, while Singapore is just right next to Australia, some ISPs routes through Japan first, which increases latency rapidly, this shall be avoidable using this proxy now.



The Summer Carnival is now taking place in Morroc. The Summer Carnival will take place until July 15th. Everyday you will have the chance to play 5 games and win marvelous prizes, and if you want to play more, you can buy tickets for 10 million zeny or 20 Premium Points.

The available games is:

  • Peco Racing (Located at 136, 59): Ever looked at Peco's and thought "Is that just a Chocobo rip off?", ever done any Chocobo Racing? Well this... is sorta... like... something along that lines... yeah! There are 5 Peco's and you bet on which one you think is going to win, pick the one that comes in first and you get the special prize, the place your Peco comes in determines your prize!
  • Test Your Strength (Located at 186, 77): Do you find yourself looking in the mirror, staring at your arms all day long? Is your favorite monster Satan Morroc, not because it looks cool, but because it has bigger muscles then you could ever have? If you answered yes to either of those, well... you're on your own. However, you CAN test your strength and see how you compare to other puny humans. The higher you score, the better prize you can receive. So give up, or throw down your hammer and give the bell a good ring
  • Card Sharks (Located at 47, 76): Are you as old as me? Do you remember this game show?! and the way you play this game is you are dealt a card, and you have to guess if the next one is higher, lower or the same. Every 2 successful guesses you get a chance to take your prize, or try to get to the grand prize. Do you have what it takes to flip the last card, find out! (And ignore the fact that the display of the cards is weird, that's hard to make look nice!)
  • Slot Machines (Located at 232, 122 and in 2 areas close by): They're slot machines, what more do you want from me, coming up with rambly rants is hard ;( Well lemme try anyhow... Spin those porings round and round catch em 'fore they... well they stay on the ground so that doesn't work... Anyhow it's a slot machine, spin it, match the right things and you win! Slots have the best potential payout for Carnival Cash, but the largest chance to outright fail and get nothing ;( Are you a gambler, care to test your luck? You gotta spin it to win it!
  • Safe Cracker (Located at 89, 168): First off, it's not a Safe, but Safe Cracker sounds better, Treasure Cracker sounds weird, or like it's a cracker that you eat that's shaped like a treasure. Anyyyywhoooo have you ever played one of those games where you have to figure out a 3 digit code, and it tells you if you got the right number in the right spot, or the right number but in the wrong spot? Well if you haven't (or have and didn't like it), and you don't like logic games, you're gonna hate this! You have to crack the code to get yourself into the treasure, the less tries it takes the better your prize, try too many times and the lock is going to jam!
  • Blackjack (Located at 164, 274): Blackjack card game. Game-play based off standard casino rules. Dealer must have at least 17 to stay and will auto stay at 17 and up. Double Down is where you believe you can do better in a single card play and get better than the dealer or hit blackjack (21). It will show your winnings(5 Carnival Cash) + Bet or give you 1 Carnival Coupon when you win a regular game. When you choose "Double Down" you either can win double what you get -OR- a costume. NOTE: You bet your carnival cash so if you lose, you lose the amount you bet.

For more information & list of prizes please click here.


  • Sorcerer, Sura & Rune Knight Alt Clothes Palettes will now work correctly!
  • Gray Equipment Combo should work properly now.
  • The Amon Ra found in MVP rooms will no longer flood them with slave mobs.

Bad News

  • During maintenance an unfortunate event has happened, and we had to roll back half hour before the maintenance, therefore everything is rolled back exactly 29 minutes before maintenance. our logs however is not affected, if you have got any rare items during those last minutes, feel free to open help desk request for returning it.

Good luck & Have fun in RevivalRO

RevivalRO Managment

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