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[Sale] Summer Sale the second

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Greetings RevivalRO Adventures,

Starting from 19th of June and until 26th of June 11:59PM UTC + 8, we will have summer sales, you can find the summer sales NPC in prontera at (155, 183).


Limited new items

Flaming Wings [4] Middle Headgear (2000 Premium Points)

All stats +20

Damage to all races +20%

If worn with fire spirit:

Resistance to fire element +10%

All stats +15



Fire Spirit [1] Lower Headgear (2000 Premium Points)

All stats +18

Resistance to Demi-Human +5%



Sale items

  • Trident (25% Discount) 1500 Premium Points
  • Fabled Sword (25% Discount) 1500 Premium Points
  • Metallic Wings (25% Discount) 1500 Premium Points
  • Poring Party Hat (33% Discount) 4000 Premium Points
  • Amistr Beret 2000 Premium Points
  • Amistr Ears 2000 Premium Points
  • Teddy Bear Hat 2000 Premium Points
  • Bubble Gum Box (25% Discount) 375 Premium Points
  • RebirthRO Max Level (25% Discount) 5250 Premium Points
  • RebirthRO Max Class (25% Discount) 3750 Premium Points
  • Enriched Elunium Box (25% Discount) 75 premium points
  • Enriched Ordiecon Box (25% Discount) 75 Premium Points
  • Battle Manual x3 (50% Discount) 250 Premium Points
  • Convex Mirror 50 Premium Points
  • Convex Mirror Box 400 Premium Points
  • Ahura Mazdah (50% Discount) 500 Premium Points
  • Angra Manyu (50% Discount) 500 Premium Points

Have fun & Thanks for supporting RevivalRO

RebirthRO Management,

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