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Evolved Pet Glitch

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Problem: Evolved a Drops into a Eggring. Cannot put it back into it's egg. 

Details: When I select "Return to Eggshell", I get the error message: "You can't return pet to it's egg while it's not in your inventory". The egg sprite appears in my items, but the Eggring is still following  my character. When I try to open the pet info. window, it does not work so I assume the pet is already back in it's egg, but when I try to hatch a new pet, it does not work. When I relog, everything goes back to still having the Eggring as my active pet.

[Edit] Check storage for the egg, if it's there, put it in your items and you will be able to put it back in it's egg!

Additional bugs found:

1) Pet feeding issues: Getting the hunger bar to full requires 10+ feeds. I'm not sure if that's intended. Because it does not reach full, using auto-feed uses the pet food up extraordinarily fast which doesn't seem right. 

2) Un-evolved dead pet stuck in inventory. Cannot sell, storage, drop. "Remove pet" function from the website does not work either.

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