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July Seasonal Items

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Greetings everyone,

The summer is still going on, and people are partying hard, and so are we. Therefore we would like to greet you with a new set of items for the summer, these items will be available until 1st of September.

Destruction Helm of Shiva [4] (Upper Headgear) (3000 Premium Points)


The war helm of Shiva, the Destroyer of Evil. It is rumoured that this is the very helm that he wears while slaying countless of demons.

+15 STR

+15 DEX

+15 LUK

+45% damage to DemiHuman and Brute race

Gives 1% weapon skill damage for every 50 STR


Guardian Helm of Zaria [4] (Upper Headgear) (3000 Premium Points)



The helm of Slavic goddess who protects her warriors from death in wars.

+15 all stats

+10% Max HP

+5% DemiHuman resist

Gives a chance to cast Renovatio when being hit


Battle Nymph of Circe [4] (Upper Headgear) (3000 Premium Points)


Circe, the goddess of magic, is known for using her wand to transform those who offended her.

Let her assist you in your battles.

+20 all stats

+10% MATK

+20% more magic damage to DemiHuman race

Ignore elemental resists at the rate of 1% for every 50 INT


Dragon Bravura [4] (Upper Headgear) (3000 Premium Points)


A helm made out of the head of the vicious dragon, Bravura. It is said wearing this helm grants immense concentration and precision.

+15 STR

+15 DEX

+15 LUK

+45% damage to DemiHuman and Brute race

If worn by a sniper, it enables the use of the skill Unlimit Lv. 1


Good luck & Enjoy the new items,

RevivalRO Managment

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