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[Hot Patch] 2018-07-17

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Greetings Everyone,

During this hot patch we've done the following

Cash Shop

  • The third and final summer sale has been released click here for more info.
  • New seasonal items are released, click here for more information.

PlayStation Contest Updates

  • We've fixed a problem that caused some players’ names not showing up in the website ranking

In-game updates

  • LPP is now not usable at NPCs except for Premium Race system
  • Summer Carnival event is extended until 31st of July
  • Ranger skill Unlimit will have a cool down of 120 seconds instead of 300 seconds on Loki


  • Fixed Loki special curse immunity. Now undead status will make you immune to curses
  • Fixed Balloon De Poodle slots and wear location
  • DynaEvent NPC won't eat DynaEvent headgear anymore
  • Novices will be able to join from rwc01 to novice specific events
  • Valkyrie at the new novice ground will not level up your novice when you choose  not to take the training


Good luck and have fun in RevivalRO

RevivalRO Management

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