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[Maintenance Notes] 2018-01-22

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Greetings RevivalRO Players,

During this maintenance we've done the following.

NOTE: We're having some issue with patching your clients, the unknown item in the cash shop is the SRT Box version for LPP


  • Fixed various errors in new MVP Rooms, it shall work perfectly now.
  • Implementation of SRT Box Limited Edition for LPP, this version is totally account bounded.
  • Now LPP is usable at all NPCs in-game
  • Fix premium items exchange issues


  • Reset Girl, Old Wise Woman now uses a lower price table
  • Vending Tax lowered from 10% to 3%
  • WoE Castles Removed
  • Guild Towns Removed
  • #support is not available, a new channel for support requests
  • Remove of various RebirthRO Mentions in-game


Best Regards,

RevivalRO Management

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