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September Seasonal Items (3rd job skills batch 1)

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for the month of August, we would like to introduce some limited items for cashshop. please be noted that they can only be bought by Premium Points. and will be available in our cashshop until 30th of September.


Mitra (Upper Headgear) 3000 Premium Points
+25 All Stat
+25% damage with holy element
Small chance(5%) to cast pneuma onself when getting hit.
If worn by High Priest, enables skill Judex



Magic Stone Hat (Upper Headgear) 3000 Premium Points
+15% magic damage to demi-human race
+15% more magic damage to all element except neutral
If worn by High Wizard, enables skill Soul Expansion


Wind Whisper (Upper Headgear) 3000 Premium Points
+25 All Stat
+5% Demi human resist
Nullify 1 gemstone needed for some skill(stack with other items)
Built in Maya Purple effect (Intravision)
If worn by Professor, enables skill Extreme Vacuum


Dying Swan (Upper Headgear) 3000 Premium Points
+20 All Stat
+120 Flee +6 Perfect Dodge
-10% After Cast Delay
If worn by Dancer, enables skills Moonlight Serenade and Symphony of Lover


Maestro Song's Hat (Upper Headgear) 3000 Premium Points
+20 All  Stat
+10% resistance to physical attacks
-10% after cast delay
If worn by Bard, enables skills Windmill Rush and Echo Song


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