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[Hot Patch] 2018-08-23

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Greetings Everyone,

During this maintenance we've done the following


  • The first batch of 3rd job skills headgear has been released, for more info click here.


Loki only changes (Would not effect any other server in the future)

  • Judex level 1 is set to 600% Matk and 80sp per cast.
  • Extreme Vacuum Removed the effect "Base Duration is decreased by target's STR.
  • Moonlight Serenade lvl1 set to +10% base matk boost.
  • Symphony of Lover lvl set to +10% resistance to magic atk.
  • Windmill Rush lvl1 set to +10% base atk boost.
  • Echo Song lvl1 set to +10% resistance to physical atk.
  • Banshee now also affect Souls Expansion.


  • Fixed the bug that the damage boost given by soul link from fable silk and soul link potion on Holy Light bypass the restriction of darkwood rod .
  • Battlegrounds queue has been fixed.
  • Hours has been reset, hopefully that would fix it.
  • Refer costumes shall become account bound now.
  • Fixed the bug that lets the unlimit skill effect stays effective even when the helm is worn off or swapped.
  • Renovatio skill duration has been changed from 90seconds to 30seconds.


  • The loots of the prontera invasion monsters will drop on the floor if the highest damage dealer is not present on screen of the monster when it dies.

Good luck and have fun in RevivalRO,

RevivalRO Management

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Hi admin kittyboy!! i'm that mastersmith CuteCC!! i know u guys now is busy fix that problem~ i just want to say~ gambateh ne~ we will waiting u guys fix it done~ ❥(^_-)v

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