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[2018-09-06] Amberknight new top items set

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Greetings Adventures,

The Grandma mayu has extracted all the top items out of the Amberknight! However, he is always hungry and greedy and already ate few new items, for a very limited period, enjoy the new 4 top items. We had a serious lack of new cute sprites, therefore we will release 3 cute headgears for cute players! ;)

1- The Heroic Back Scythe (Middle Headgear) (Top Prize)


The Scythe used by the great Baphomet
All stats +33
15% more damage to shadow/ghost and undead
Have a chance to cast elemental shield on self that lasts 3 seconds when receiving damage from others

2- Angel of Kindness (Middle Headgear)


The spirit of angel of kindness
All stats +25
If worn by a female resistance to holy +15%
If worn by a male resistance to poison +15%
Gives you immunity to Chaos

3- Angel of Love (Middle Headgear)


The spirit of angel of love
All stats +25
Increases effectiveness of Healing skills by 10%
Increases the effectiveness of Slim Pots by 10%
Gives you immunity to Coma

4- Celestial Veil (Middle Headgear)


A fancy veil been said it was made for some princess
All stats +25
Increases damage done by misc skills by 10%
Chance to nullify consumption of ammunition/catalysts

All of those items can be obtained from Amberknight and Donor Boxes only!

All of those items are costumable as well.

Remember, those are only a limited time offer, so good luck getting those,

RevivalRO Management


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