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Halloween 2022 - Abyss Event Re-Run

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Hello Midgardians!


For this year's Halloween Event, we will be doing a re-run of Abyss Rift! This event will end on November 30 at 11:59 PM Server Time.


UPDATE for 2022 Abyss Event - NEW COSTUMES

1) Costume: Lamia's Krilo (Garment)



2) Costume: Abnock's Corium (Upper)



3) Costume: Midnight Candle (Mid)


Note: These 3 costumes are added in the drops of the treasure chests.


Event Mechanics:

There are strange pits appearing in Rune-Midgard's fields. It's seems to be connected to the Netherworld. If you step on it... spirits come out!

  1. Find a Nether Pit.
    • *** Pits respawn every 15 minutes.***
  2. Solo or with a party, fight off the waves of spirits that will come out to attack you!
    • *** There are 4 to 6 number of waves, plus the boss. For all difficulties, you have 45 seconds to fight the waves and 10 seconds to walk to the next point.***
  3. When a wave is done, follow the yellow path to find out where more spirits are hiding and kill them.
    • *** The yellow path shows only to the person who triggered the pits and no one else. If you're in a party, make sure to follow the person who triggered it.***
  4. Kill the final boss.
    • *** When the waves are done, a treasure chest appears***
  5. Get loots!


For this year, below are some adjustments made for this event:

1) @jump skill is now enabled.

2) Angra Manyu and Ahura Mazda are disabled.

3) Disable party invite once the Nether Pit is activated. And party member/s can't leave the party inside the event maps.

4) All party members should be available within the pit's visibility in order to activate it. (If other members not present, pit will not be activated.)


For more details, please find link below:


Reminder: If you found any bug related to this event, please report it immediately.


Good luck have fun!!!



RevivalRO Staff


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