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Pre-Christmas Event 2022 - Re-Run

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Hello Midgardians!


Due to unexpected bug occurred in our Abyss Halloween Event Re-Run, we had to cut the event short.

With that, since Halloween is over, we will be doing the Pre-Christmas Event 2022 Re-Run.


The following events will end on:

Dancer Invasion will run until December 7, 2022 at 11:59 PM Server Time.

Pumpkin Invasion will be until December 15, 2022 at 11:59 PM Server Time.


To know more about this event, please check the link below:



Updates for 2022:


Additional Items for Baby Boo Sack:

Costume: Lamia's Krilo (New)



Costume: Full Moon's Horror




Additional Items for Gooey Bag:

Syringe in Mouth (New)



Adds resistance to Water element by 10%.

Chance to drop Token of Siegfried from killing Angel race monsters.


Ghost Bat (New)



Adds resistance to Wind element by 10%.

Small chance to drop Full Chemical Protection Scrolls (Helm, Armor, Weapon, Shield) randomly with 3 minutes duration (cooldown) each.


Costume: Abnock's Corium (Upper) (New)



Costume: Midnight Candle (Mid) (New)



Plus: Miscellaneous Items for Baby Boo Sacks and Gooey Bags


Reminder: if you find any bug related to this event, please report immediately.

Good luck have fun!!!




RevivalRO GM Team

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