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World Boss v1

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Hello Midgardians!

We have prepared a new event for you!!!

It's called World Boss v1. This is a group event which is available for everyone, where players will get rewards after working together to defeat the World Boss.

MVP Monsters that we all "love" and "hate"  has once again found their way to invade our world!


What is World Boss?

The recent occurrence of inter-dimensional cracks had not only created passageways from the Abyss Depths. Fallen souls of monarchs from worlds beyond our own had managed to break through, manifesting themselves as "World Bosses". Though they resemble regular creatures of our world, they are extremely strong. And dangerous.

They seek out weak points of the seals that protect our world, and sometimes, they manage to break through. The vigils of Rune Midgard will keep close watch on these occurrences and announce their arrival to all of Rune Midgard. All Rune Midgardians must arise and unite to repel these evil forces back to the depths from which they came.


How to participate?

An announcement will appear informing that the World Boss will spawn in a random town. To participate, players need to find the World Boss in the town where it spawned. Once the World Boss was found, players need to eliminate the Boss as fast as possible. 

When the World Boss got eliminated, the participating players will receive random loots as rewards.


What kind of MVP Monsters?

There are different strong MVP monsters that will spawn, to name a few:

  • Leviathan
  • King Poring
  • Strong Baphomet
  • Strong Golden Thief Bug
  • Strong Drake

     And a lot more to come...


Come on adventures, lets protect our world against those evil monsters!!!



RevivalRO Staff

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