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12.12 Flash Sale

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Hello players!


December is here~ Enjoy our sale items~! Happy Shopping~~!


Here are the list of items available on 12.12 Flash Sale





(fp_map 357 45)


Items available from Rentals :

  • Woodland Topper (30 days) - 1000pp
  • Avian Farmer (30 days) - 1000pp


Note :

You may only rent one of those items ONE PER ACCOUNT (one per copy).




We also added new Items to help you with your journey in RevivalRO.

Introducing the Alphonse Set!

Alphonse Helm [4] (2000 premium points)


  • All stats +10
  • Max HP + 15%
  • Resistance to Non-Boss +7%
  • Resistance to all elements +7%


Alphonse Cape [4] (2500 premium points)

image.png.c5b7fdf0862c2724fd3ad1424eb436f8.png image.png.51da7a579b1861f4cbfe99671e60abd1.png

  • All stats +25
  • Movement Speed +20%
  • Reduce damage taken from all sources by 7%
  • Chance to inflict Lvl. 2 Critical Wounds when being hit.
  • Very small chance to inflict wide sleep when being hit with physical attacks.


Alphonse Aura [1] (1800 premium points)


  • All status + 18
  • Increase resistance to all status ailments by 10%
  • Has a chance to cast Lvl. 5 Cicada Skin Shed When Being hit.


SET EFFECT (Alphonse Helm + Alphonse Cape + Alphonse Aura)

  • Reduce damage from all sources by an additional 5%.
  • Increase healing receive from Heal, Potions, Slim Potion Pitcher, and Potion Pitcher by 20%.
  • Disable natural HP regeneration.
  • Disable natural SP regeneration.
  • Reduce attack, magic attack, hit, and flee by 30%.
  • Reduce perfect dodge by 20%.
  • Increase resistance to critical wound by 25%.
  • Grants immunity to Coma status.


!! For every 20 Euro Donation = 1 donor box free !!




Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.



RevivalRO GM Team.

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