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RevivalRO Installation Guide

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                                                                          RevivalRO Installation Guide:

Having trouble downloading RevivalRo?Here is a Quick Guide you can refer to.

1)There are 2 websites where you can actually download RevivalRo(Rebirthro)

   First is the old domain which is https://rebirthro.com/ and the other one is http://www.ragnarevival.com/

   the most recent one.

2)You can directly access to those websites by clicking the links above.

3)When you enter either of the websites you can see The Download Page which looks like this


 Then click on the Download button.

4)When you click on the Download Button it doesn't redirect you to next page but starts the download

   itself the download appears to be at the bottom left of your page which looks like this hAECVox.png

5)After the downloading is done it appears to be like this zDqmiwj.png just click on it

  it might take some time  to load.

6)If you clicked on the above button and it got vanished don't panic you can find the file

   at This Pc>Downloads gl2nGEX.png

currently i use Windows 10 as my operating system,So it may vary from system to system where the download folder is located at,Still you still have trouble finding it just open the Run command

and execute as "Downloads" Z7dN98F.png

7)As i mentioned above when you click on the Installation Client it would show a loading circle

 beside your cursor,So just stay on the page until it loads.

8)Sometimes your Antivirus may interrupt your download

  just like this eLmPHmJ.png

  Just turn it off and run it anyways.

9)From there i hope you can do it by yourself.

10)Cause i have RevivalRo Client already installed in my pc 

    it shows Gravity Handler Error like this ns4SK6Z.png

Don't worry this wont happen to you guys.

11)Here is the download link for installation of the client.


Also check out RevivalRo Installation Guide for Mac:

Credits for this Guide goes to my boy @Avian.

12)Now before you even start playing ragnarok make sure you registered an account on the website.

13)Have Fun and if you have any queries related to this or anything just ask  @Admins and GMs at Ragnarevival Discord Community.


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22 minutes ago, The Great Mage said:

Ty for this. But what if I cant install revival from the start because of this? What shall I do?


revival malware.jpg

Just turn off your antivirus it should work.

Edited by Tomson

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1 hour ago, JonSnow said:

Can RRO be installed on an USB drive, then play it on other PC?

Since the client is available on the internet why not just download it from there?Also guide is available for download you can choose a link to download it from here,It wont take you much time barely only 20 mins.

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19 minutes ago, The Great Mage said:

The notif says the link is infected by malware. If it is infected by malware, why should I turn my antivirus off?

Those links are actually safe to use many players have downloaded the client from here,You can just simply ignore your antivirus by showing it"Here is my middle finger for you",Its just the doing of our old admin giving our website a bad reputation on browser. 

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40 minutes ago, Guest Elhamrev said:

I got error "Failed to connect to the patch server".

please help me.

Could you please provide screenshot of your patcher?

Make sure you downloaded the installer via ragnarevival.com/install

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