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Grinch Ruins Christmas 2022 Re-Run

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Hello Midgardians!


It's Christmas Season and once again Grinch is having it's presence felt!!!

To know more about this event, please click the link below:

Grinch Ruins Christmas Event will run until January 17, 2022 at 11:59 PM Server Time. 


* * * N E W  G E A R S * * *



Ten-Gallon Hat

Increase all stats by +10

Increase physical and magical damage with water property attacks by 35%

ATK & MATK +5%

Increase damage received from wind property attacks by 10%.



Fluffy Semi Long Hair

Max HP +5%

Increase ATK & MATK by 3%

Increase Boss & Non-Boss resistance by 4%.



Sparkly Flakes

Movement speed +10%

Increase damage with water elemental property attacks by 15%

Immunity to silence

Small Chance to inflict cold status while attacking with physical or magical attacks.


If worn with Ten-Gallon Hat & Fluffy Semi Long Hair

Increase physical and magical damage with water elemental property attacks by another 10%

Increase ATK + MATK by another 5%

Increase damage with neutral and earth property attacks by 5%.


If worn with Ten-Gallon Hat & Feather Stola

Give immunity to Cold status.



Feather Stola

Max HP +10%

Increase resistance to Cold by 25%



Zilant Necklace

During Christmas, small chance to obtain a Christmas Gift when killing a monster.



Volume Low Twin

Increase damage with holy property elements by 70%.

Enable use of Ruwach skill.

Small chance to double your own damage and reduce your own defense by half for 3 seconds while attacking.

Increase damage taken from shadow and undead element by 20%.



Costume Volume Low Twin (White)



Costume Volume Low Twin (Cherry Blossom)



Reminder: If you find any bug related to this event, please report immediately.


Good luck have fun!!!



RevivalRO GM Team

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