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[2018-09-22] The Time Keeper event, New Prizes, Exclusive Event Equipments Set and Event Extended

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Time Keeper Event


Back in the time before the war between the Humans and Monsters, they extremely powerful which led the them to get exhausted and lost most of their abilities and power.

However, the time keeper has come to Rune-Midgard and it will use its power to summon ancient powerful beings from the old ages. The age when monsters and humans were immensely strong before all these wars. The bosses may look and sound familiar, but they’re nothing like the ones you have known or remembered. We're in dire need of champions to kill them and they will drop rare and and powerful treasures unlike the ones we know.


The time keeper would spawn a Mega Boss every 3 hours and announce the Mega Boss name and its spawn map. The top 3 damage dealers will be rewarded with a Megaboss Champion Box and players nearby the Mega Boss will also be rewarded with a Megaboss Box. So make sure to deal the most damage to the mega boss!

Everyone in the Mega Boss spawn map will be rewarded with 5 pancakes.

The Megaboss Box will give the chance of getting ONE random item, Pancakes, Bubblegum, Event Point Coin, Safe Refine Ticket 5 - 7, OR one of these costumes:



The Champion Megaboss Box will give the chance of getting EITHER Pancakes, Bubblegums, Event Point Coins, Safe Refine Ticket 8 - 10, Megabosss Box, one of these costumes or the costumes from the normal box, OR one of the equipments from the new and exclusive Champion Box equipment set.





* The event has been extended until 23rd of October! :)


  • Wickebine's Black Cat Ears trade restriction is fixed now
  • Costume: Arcane Protection and Costume: Bunny Backpack and Costume: Heart Earmuffs wear location has been fixed
  • Thanatos Sword wearing conditions is now corrected
  • Uncle Sam holy effect is now fixed
  • Fixed a problem in where people would get stuck in prt_fild08


  • Game Center is now 3vs3 teams instead of 5vs5

Best Regards,

RevivalRO Management,

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So since that Event was going on for a while now I wanted to give it a short review -rant- *cough*


So before I start, I want to point out that I understand the point of the event, that the top killers/dmg dealers get a special reward. This is all fine and dandy with me actually. It is a nice idea in my opinion, tho for the future I might suggest to put there stronger MVPs 'coz frankly ... (even after the buff on them) I feel like some cedi MVPs are more Mega then these Megas.


Now to the point where things get a bit more ranty. Namely the MVP boxes we get for either attempt the event or be the top 3.

Over all a nice idea too, but in practice it's more ... meh. The big issue here is the point that everything got restricted to be "not tradeable". I understand the point of avoiding abuse of alts (question here tho; why not make the fields where MVP spawn 1client only? If technically possible), since some people had some lovely E-calls on the start of the event.

The thing is tho, it sort of -for me and some other people I talked to- destroyed the point of the event. Yes I know the Champion Box costumes are suppose to be "Special" rewards. Issue is tho: Mostly around 10 people get the top3 (depending on who's on), so only the same people get the Box, the Box also is NOT tradeable and the Costumes they get inside are also NOT tradeable.

As example, we got our pro killer XY who got like 30 Boxes, 20 Costumes and he can't do shit with the duplicates that trashing his storage/or characters. Meanwhile 80% of the leftover mortal people in the Server don't even got the chance of any costume (I know the "just get stronger" argument, but bruh I main supports, I will never outdamage a person who mains dmg dealer for years lol).

I know the point was to aim something "Special" ... but it's not so special anymore when you got like 50 of the costumes and you can't do anything with them beside let them catch dust on your trash character.

Also the other thing I don't really get is, that the Primorial Equip/other stuff IS tradeable. But things that won't profit your gameplay at all is not. :v


I'm pick on this for too long ... lol Welps, I know things probably won't change at this point anymore, I just wanted to say it in case we get similar events to improve that.



On a side note tho. How about spinning this kind of event further. Making a MVP boss that randomly spawns on a random field (all over midgard not only around Pront), that gives a special costume or whatever and maybe a achievement title -we should do more with achievements here lol-

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