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5th Year Anniversary Events: Arrival of Ragnarok and Save the Queen Re-Runs

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Hello Midgardians,

It's time for a celebration!!! And to celebrate our 5th Year Anniversary, we are glad to bring back our Anniversary events. 

The events will end on February 16, 2023 at 11:59 PM Server Time.

To know more about these events, please click the links below :


Note: Players are only allowed to do the events using maximum of 5 accounts including main account. This must be strictly followed.


* * * N E W  E V E N T  I T E M S * * *



Costume : 5th Year Anniversary Balloon (Mid)



Midnight Blue [1] (Upper)

Effect :
All stats +(Job Lv / 10).

Increase physical and magical damage against all size by 10%.
Chance to drop witherless rose or stone of sage when killing monsters.

If worn by taekwon/star gladiator, gunslinger, archer, merchant, swordman, thief class, increase damage to all race by 10%.
If worn by soul linker, ninja, mage, acolyte class, increase magical damage against all race by 10%.
Chance to recover 5% of damage dealt when hitting enemy with physical or magical attacks.


Mini Eluminatea [0] (Lower)

Effect : 
ATK +10%
Increases Acid Terror Damage by 25%.
Increases Exp gained by 15%.
25% chance to not use consumables when using a skill (such as EDP bottles, Fire Bottles, Arrows, etc).
Gain chance to obtain Acid Bottle when killing Angel and Demon race monsters.
When attacking or using magical attacks, small chance to cast napalm vulcan, exploding dragon and storm gust, randomly from Level 1 - Level 5.
Can't be use inside PVP/GVG areas except HoA.


Blue Eremes Scarf [2] (Mid)

Effect : 
All stats +5.
ATK & MATK +15%.
If Base Level is 254 and below, Reduces damage received from medium sized monsters by 30%.
If Base Level is 254 and below, Increase physical and magical damage to medium sized monsters by 60%.
If Base Level is 254 and below, Immune to Knockback.
Immune to Stun.
Increase EXP gained from Bio 3 Mobs by 25%.
Can't be use inside WoE nor BG areas.


Reminder : If you find any bug related to these events, please report immediately.


Thank you for your continued support all these years!!!

Enjoy and have fun!



RevivalRO GM Team


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