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[Hot Patch] 2018-09-27

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Greetings Everyone,

During this maintenance we've done the following


  • Fixed a problem in Primordial set combo, it now checks for the correct shoe refinement.
  • Fixed Megaboss drops account bound status.
  • Fix Box of Thunder speed incrementalism to actually meet the description.
  • Corrected regeneration potion id in Ice Crown Item Exchange.
  • Now the Megaboss event equipment would only bind when equiped, the current equiped ones can be unequipped and re-binned.
  • Guild Emergency call is not allowed in Time Keeper maps
  • Yggdrasil leafs is now allowed in Time Keeper event maps

Good luck and have fun in RevivalRO,

RevivalRO Management

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I too am facing the same issue but the app force closes after login by 10 seconds.. listen to this, even a different server with a different version of the app is doing the same thing. Could it be an error with the app since it's based on the same client?

I'd love to help and grab a logcat but I don't have root 😢

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41 minutes ago, KittyBoy said:

The app has been updated, please re-download from the website!

Perfect, just downloaded, reinstalled and tested. A-Ok on my side.


Appreciate the prompt help with the issue.

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