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[2018-10-13] New WoE test session [Updated 2018-11-04]

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Greetings Everyone,

Remember our WoE update draft? If you don't, click here. It's been a while since we've given any updates and we were a *little* bit off the schedule. However, that will change now and we will release the first WoE update test which may also possibly be the last test if everything goes as smoothly as we hope!

1- Changes to WoE Draft

  • We will keep WoE:FE as 4 castles per sessions
  • Godlike materials would be re-distributed so it can can be fully obtained either by only playing Donor or Legit WoE
  • We will have a third WoE day which will be for Non-Donor castles only
  • A support package will be released for the guild package with the introduction of WoE update, players who previously requested guild packages can request to exchange his guild package for support package, more information on this process will be released later.
  • We addressed your concerns about WoE:Points System, The points would be disturbed according to player availability during WoE instead of the WoE Report score, and WoE Score reports would be kept published just for sake of information for now.
  • We've done modifications to the WoE Sets and WoE Potions, more on those will be available 48 hours before the second test.
  • Also kindly note that this trial WoE sessions will be used to adjust the items/potions and so on even further.

2- WoE Test session, How to and What to expect

  • We will run an extra WoE Session on Sunday 4th Of November on 3pm and on 5th Of November Monday 3am, this won't affect WoE On Loki, all castles will be Donor Allowed.
  • All of your characters/guilds and so on will be copied over to Zeus, this will happen at 4th of November mid-night, we will shut down loki for ~10  minutes, take an image and setup it on zeus servers.
  • All characters will get rewarded on zeus, Everyone will get a set of items including potions/arrows and bullets and 1 set of WoE Equipment which is possible to be redeemed by each character.
  • Every character will have the chance to get full WoE Set for free in Zeus for participating in WoE
  • Every guild leader will be able to select 2 Godlikes to be used by his guild during those WoE test sessions
  • Zeus will be opened 2 hours before each WoE session for guilds to prepare their selves and will be kept open for 1 hour after the WoE session
  • We will handle a meetings with the guild leaders after the testing sessions to get their feedback, more information on this will be released later.
  • All participating guilds will get a special exclusive costume for participating in this WoE session
  • The Defense Walls would not present in this test session but in a second test session which will be announced later.
  • After this session we will announce a final draft with all of the expected changes and a date of a second test session, the second test session would not interfere with the WoE schedule in loki therefore no other loki WoE session would be canceled.
  • Emperium element in all castles would be Holy during this session

We can't wait to let your try our new WoE system. For any inquiries, questions or concerns please directly answer to this topic and we will answer it!

Best Regard,

RevivalRO Management

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Hello Everyone!

A little update here, First The Defense Walls would not make it to the final draft! therefore there will be no defense wall, and also same to Elemental Emperium, Emperium will stay holy!

Aside from those the next test session is set to be on Sunday 4th Of November on 3pm and on 5th Of November Monday 3am.

and also we've update the WoE sets which will be available in the upcoming WoE tests to encourage players event further!


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Greetings Everyone,

Regarding the costumes for whom participated in the first WoE Test it will be given out as soon as we release the update in the main servers, also for the second test every qualifying guild will get WoE Tokens to spend in the main servers as soon as the update is released to give them a head start! :) so don't forget to participate.

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