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Premium VIP Character Renaming

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Greetings Everyone,

A very anticipated feature is back on again, the VIP character naming, you can now have a single, double or trio named character names.

The cost of character vip rename is as the following:

  • Single Letter (eg. A) costs 5000 premium Points
  • Double Letter (eg. AB) costs 3000 Premium Points
  • Trio Letter (eg. ABC) costs 2000 Premium Points

How to use?

  • First thing login into our website at https://ragnarevival.com
  • Then navigate to the account page at https://ragnarevival.com/account
  • Select a character and from the action menu chose "Premium Rename" and it will navigate you to a new page
  • From there please chose a character name and confirm it, then re-log in-game to see the effect.

Reference Pictures:






Good luck & Have fun,

RevivalRO Management

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